How to Find Your Life Purpose In 5 Easy Steps


Too many of us go to college only to find that we have no idea what we really want to do in life. We set ourselves on a career path just because our parents tell us that we have to or because it’s commonplace to do this after high school. We go with it because society tells us that, if we don’t, we won’t have that 501K or the quaint house to raise a family in. We spend thousands of dollars on college, switching majors, until we finally settle down with “something” so that we can start somewhere.
But it doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, there’s a much easier way. Here’s a list of questions for you to mull over that will help you figure out what you want to do in life and what you’re naturally good at.

1. What are your natural talents (list 3+)?

Your life purpose is something that comes natural to you — it’s easy. You don’t have to make yourself love it, you just simply do. Picasso was a natural artist, Beyonce is a natural performer, Steve Jobs was a natural innovator, and Janis Joplin was a natural musician. Your career path and life purpose should be something that you naturally enjoy doing every single day. It should be something that will not only provide a service to the world, but will also bring meaning to the people who come across your work.

2. Which of those talents can you see yourself doing full-time?

Let’s face it: living in America isn’t cheap. Living anywhere for that matter isn’t cheap. You’ve gotta work, and work, and work until you can stabilize your life in a way that makes you feel abundant. What do you want to work for? More money, your family, a house, car, or for your future? Figure out why you want to work and which one of your talents can provide for you during the duration of your working life. Although your life path can and will likely change, starting somewhere that makes you feel amazing often leads to even more amazing ventures.

3. List how you want to feel in life (for instance: happy, peaceful, excited, energized).

Now: which one of the talents you listed makes you feel this way? Do you just want to be happy? Are you striving to be this super-awesome businesswoman/man who feels productive? Or do you just want to live the hippy lifestyle and be “of the world” — not making a living through society? Whichever route, each of these feelings are accessible through any life path, you just have to choose one. Even living the hippie, non-conformist lifestyle can coincide with entrepreneurship. You can sell crystals, jewelry, or host goddess workshops. My point is: however you want to feel in life — and whatever you want to accomplish — can be done through any venture. Which of your talents can take you where you want to go?

4. Which one of those talents not only brings meaning to your life, but has the ability to bring meaning to the world in some way?

It’s not just about the final destination of working to save money for retirement. In fact, none of that really matters anymore. In this day and age working is about finding purpose in providing for humanity. Restructuring society. Creating a meaningful existence. When choosing your life purpose, you should feel so comfortable in your shoes that you just want to scream at the top your lungs with joy. You should feel like you’ve left your mark in this world in a positive way.

5. Now that you’ve narrowed it down. How can you bring your dream into reality?

Do you want to work for someone else doing what you love or would you prefer to be an entrepreneur? Both routes are beneficial. Working for someone else allows freedom from all of the legal mumbo jumbo of starting a business, but doesn’t allow much input into the creative process unless you have a high ranking. Whereas owning your own business gives you the total say of your final product, but you’ll have your plate full with promoting, marketing, and setting up shop. Either way, bringing your dream into reality is the final goal. Whichever method you choose to lead the way is ultimately up to you.