“Off The Map” for Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Integrated Content

We helped Mike’s Hard Lemonade introduce their new bottled margarita brand, Cayman Jack, to the world. Through traditional digital advertising, influencer marketing, and the launch of a book about adventurous travel called Off The Map we executed a multi-platform campaign that visually, emotionally, and socially connected a massive audience to the new brand.

Featured Photography: Foster Huntington, Zak Noyle, Chris Burkard
  • "Do something incredible – search the world, and seek perfection. Your way."
    Chelsea Fagan
  • "Two of the greatest joys of travel don’t actually happen while you’re traveling: anticipation and reflection. "
    Rich Merine
  • "The distance or location doesn’t matter; rather it is the people you’re with and the people you meet that make a journey memorable. "
    Cam Klose