10 Absolutely Life-Changing Things I’ve Learned Studying At University


1. How to embrace your hair at its greasiest. Let’s face it, every day isn’t going to be your best. Sometimes, the only product you will be using in your hair is a few day’s worth of grease. You may not be as comfortable as you hope to be around every single person, but at least you’ll be comfortable enough to try to make it look like a slick ponytail à la Kim K when you grab dinner with your girls. You’re comfortable enough to do this, and luckily they’re comfortable enough with you to tell you that the #look isn’t a #look, and they will beg you to put it in a messy bun and shower as soon as you get home. Can you tell that I’m speaking from experience? It may not be cute, but at least you’re comfortable with embracing the grease around your real ones.

2. Self-care breaks are super important and incredibly necessary. NEWSFLASH: you’re human. You have emotions, and sometimes, you will need to release them and get away from the chaos that is school and life. Take some time for yourself to reflect and relax. Mute your group chats, put your textbooks out of sight, get comfy, throw on a face mask, and listen to some music.

3. Spreads? For a hungry university student? Groundbreaking. Peanut butter, hummus, cream cheese, you name it! On toast, sandwiches, crackers, fruits, veggies, straight out of the jar— the possibilities are endless.

4. The state of your room represents the state of your mind. Cleaning your room and getting organized is a great way to find motivation when you’re burnt out. Even getting yourself to make your bed every morning helps; coming home after a long day to a well-made bed… there’s nothing better than that.

5. How to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Cereal for dinner is great. Stop restricting yourself; food is food. I’ve heard that colorful meals are the healthiest ones because it usually means you’re getting all the food groups… so… fruit loops for dinner are now the new definition of nutrition.

6. You’re not going to have time to write in your journal every single day/night. Sorry, pal. Sometimes, you’re going to have the best night ever, or the worst night ever, and you literally will not have the energy to pick up a pen. This will bother you if you have a habit of writing every night– you will get over this. Live in the moment.

7. How to stay up all night (and regret it the next day). You gotta do what you gotta do, some of us procrastinate and leave assignments to be done the night before, and some of us can’t sleep. Maybe you’ll do it once, maybe it’ll happen more than you’d like it to happen, and maybe you’ll be lucky and organized enough to avoid at all costs. Because while you get the job done with an all-night, letting it become a habit might not be the wisest thing. You will be snappy, hungry, and impatient, all at once. Do yourself a favor and avoid pulling all-nighters. If you do though, please do yourself and everybody around a favor and take a nap as soon as you’ve submitted that assignment.

8. Dishes get gross really quickly. I truly have nothing to add to this statement.

9. A lot of people suck. Sometimes, people are mean, and there are no immediate and/or clear consequences to their actions. It’s frustrating, but also a harsh reality. Go on with your day, and be positive to avoid projecting your anger and frustration onto others. Give good vibes to get them back.

10. A lot of people don’t suck. You’re going to meet so many incredible people here and be lucky enough to call them your best friends. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them! @ my homies, I love Y’all!