A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-August, 1988

She said I should be very pleased about getting the grant because NYSCA approved only 18 of 44 applicants. The grant amount is $3750, to be distributed at the middle and end of the residency period. . . Just when I was once again telling myself to give up on my writing career, I get word I shouldn’t.

“Undercover” — Conversations over Stolen Food, Pt. 2 of 4

If we eat things before we exit can no one call…catch us? There’s habeas corpus but there’s something else. Body of evidence? Doesn’t physical evidence need to exist of the event? So long as we consume all evidence perhaps nothing can be done to us.

Best Coast: Crazy For You

Thus, the Best Coast story updates another age-old 60s concept outside of their music: pop-star mythmaking. Cosentino has crafted an unstoppably distinct web persona—bubbling with character, her online presence is why so many feel they can relate to her. She talks about everything from the Jersey Shore and Miley Cyrus to the Descendents and smoking tons of weed.

Ratatat Live at Tulane University (9.30.2010)

They go: “Bars are fun, and Bourbon Street.”  Ratatat goes: “Bars?” and gives them a dirty look.  They say:  “Maybe the French quarter.” Ratatat goes: “Why don’t you guys throw a party?”  The girls look embarrassed and skeptical.