Thought Catalog is currently being rebuilt from the ground up. This is a laborious task that involves culling through over 150,000 pages and more than 100,000 articles. We created thought.is as a placeholder for all the old content; so we could start from a blank slate. If you would like your writing removed from thought.is, please get in touch with us via email at hello@thoughtcatalog.com.

You can watch the future of Thought Catalog unfold on our website and check out the new emerging sites branching off from Thought Catalog at collective.world and creepycatalog.com. Additionally, you can explore our eCommerce site at shopcatalog.com. Our progress strategy involves making small, incremental changes daily; as such, there won’t be a grand rollout or launch day, but you can observe changes across the Thought Catalog universe on a daily basis.

Thought Catalog is highly active on TikTok and Instagram. We also post company news on Discord, where our staff members are available to answer questions. Additionally, we maintain a daily presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

If you are interested in learning about the next generation of Thought Catalog writers, you can check out our Substack, where we interview Thought Catalog Book authors and our staff about the work they do. You can reach our advertising divison via thoughtcatalog.agency.

In terms of submissions to Thought Catalog and any of our other websites, we are currently closed for all of 2023 for unsolicited submissions. As our new brand identities emerge, we will be bringing back open submissions in some form or another. You can watch the future of Thought Catalog unfold on our website