10 Activities To Keep Your Bromance Alive


Just like every girl needs a girlfriend, every guy needs a bro.

Here’s a list of activities you and your bro can do to keep that bromance alive.

1. Attend a bro-oriented event together.

Be it a car show or a hockey game, it’s always better with your bro. If you have male kids, bring them along too so they can learn how bros are supposed to act. Just make sure you’re setting a good example.

2. Fix something together.

It could be your car, it could be the plumbing in your bro’s basement; fixing something together is a great way to bond with your bro. Perhaps you have a handyman skill he doesn’t and vice versa; by helping each other out you also save on the cost of hiring someone else to do the job. After all, what are bros for?

3. Take martial-arts classes together..

Guys are guys, and every now and then, even if he is your bro, you may want to punch him. What better way to do this than in the controlled environment of martial-arts training? So go ahead and punch your bro; it can only make the bromance stronger. Just be sure not to hit harder than you’re willing to be hit.

4. Go fishing together.

Whether it’s going out on the ocean to catch marlin or down to the creek to catch trout, this is certainly an activity that will lead to tighter bonds with your bro.

5. Go hunting or shooting together.

The nice thing about hunting is that you have to stay silent. Actually, the nice thing about any bromance is that you don’t have to say that much. Men often communicate among each other in short sentences and grunts, making hunting perfect for bros. If you guys don’t want to shoot animals, shoot targets. Something about sending hot lead downrange strengthens that bro bond.

6. Exercise together.

It could be mountain biking or lifting weights; it’s all cool if you do it with your bro. If you’re lifting weights with your bro, you won’t have to ask strangers for a spot. If you’re mountain biking, you’ll have your bro with you when scouting out that new trail.

7. Drink together.

All work and no play make bros into dull boys. Take a break from all that exercising and have a drink or ten. This of course is assuming that neither of you are alcoholics.

8. Drink coffee together.

You can’t get drunk all the time, so have a cup of Joe with your bro instead sometimes. It’s even better if your bro is named Joe!

9. Go motorcycling together.

The open road on two wheels. Freedom on the highway. Nothing but the wind in your face and the rumble of your engine. In case anything goes wrong along the way, hey, you have your bro there to back you up. Just make sure you each have your own bike; bros or not, two guys on the same motorcycle is just wrong.

10. Bitch about girlfriends or wives together.

It wouldn’t be a bromance without this one. Every guy needs a bro to vent to about the woman in his life. And as a bro, you should be offering sound, objective relationship advice when needed.