10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Loving And Accepting Yourself  


1. You become more aware of who you are and you gain confidence. You know what you deserve and what kind of behavior you should and shouldn’t accept, so you don’t settle and you don’t let people get away with mistreating you or belittling you.

2. You attract people who love and accept you too. When you know you’re worth, you won’t accept anything less than how you treat yourself, if you’re kind and you love yourself, you’re going to attract friends and lovers who give you the same kind of love.

3. You learn to forgive yourself. You stop being too hard on yourself and you embrace your flaws and your shortcomings. You don’t expect perfection from yourself anymore, you’re just trying to improve and work on the little things first.

4. You don’t sell yourself short. You ask for a raise, you leave the toxic relationship, you stop comparing yourself to others and feel like you’re not good enough.

5. You’re not afraid of being on your own. You don’t feel self-conscious when you go out alone or go to the movies alone. You’re not really paying attention to how others will see you as long as you’re enjoying your time.

6. You don’t look for relationships to complete you. You wait for the right person instead of falling for someone because you’re lonely or because they said all the right things. You wait for meaningful and deeper relationships because you know what you want.

7. You learn to say ‘no.’ You don’t try to please everyone or agree with what everyone is saying so you can be more likable. You’re not afraid to speak up or use your voice and you’re not worried about what other people may think.

8. You begin to find or follow your passion. When you start focusing on your own well-being, you start to follow things that make you happy and things that move you, so you get rid of all the excuses that were holding you back from pursuing the things you love.

9. You count your blessings. You stop looking at all the things you lack and all the things that are missing and you begin to appreciate and cherish all the things that you’re grateful and thankful for.

10. Life starts making more sense. Everything that happened to you has made you who you are today and has taught you that loving and accepting yourself is one of the toughest yet most important lessons to learn. So you make peace with your past and you’re more hopeful and optimistic about the future.