10 Annoying Things You’re Probably Guilty Of


Oftentimes we are easily annoyed by other people.

However, let’s be honest with ourselves, we all do annoying things.

Here is a list of 10 annoying things you are probably guilty of:

(10) Annoying things with your cell phone – You’ve likely seen (or heard) that guy talking a bit too loud on his cell phone in a public place.  You may have even been that guy.  Or, maybe you’ve been that girl who stops in the middle of pedestrian traffic to type a text message?  Does any of this hit home?  Neither of these two?  OK, selfies in a public place.  Need I say more?

(9) Indecision at a restaurant – The multitude of choices, all those options.  Whatever will I eat?  God bless it, just pick something!  It’s not like you haven’t eaten before or won’t eat again.  You’re either annoying the wait staff or holding up the buffet line.

(8) Bumping into other people – Sure it was an accident.  Yeah, your mind was wandering.  It’s annoying when it happens to you, and its annoying when you do it to others.

(7) Losing 50 IQ points the minute you step into an airport – I don’t know why this happens, but it happens.  Step into an airport and for some reason intelligence tapers off.  Airports are to common sense, what Kryptonite is to Superman’s strength.  You’ve likely been that person wandering around, looking up trying to find a gate, when you should be watching where you’re going (see no.8 above).  Or, perhaps you once lost your boarding pass?  You did, didn’t you?  I know, it never happens to you, but sometimes it does.

(6) Smacking your gum – Yup, you’ve done it.  Actually, I do it all the time, and it likely annoys people.  Do it in Singapore and you may get arrested.

(5) Saying something “tastes like chicken” – Do you know what tastes like chicken?  Aside from chicken stock and chicken cubes, only chicken tastes like chicken, nothing else.  Quail, pheasant, or any other game bird for that matter, do not taste like chicken.  Rabbit and alligator do not taste like chicken.  Chances are you’ve said this phrase at least once in your life.  Chances also are, if you took a few extra moments, you could come up with a better way to describe the flavor of the creature you just ate.

(4) Poor table manners – Staying on the topic of food, I’ll touch on table manners.  Yup, at one time or another, something you’ve done while eating has annoyed someone else.  Are you a silverware clinker?  Do you sometimes chew with your mouth open?  Maybe you eat too fast?  Perhaps you eat too slow?  Likely you’ve annoyed someone while eating.

(3) Gossiping about a celebrity – Why we do this, I’ll never know.  I’ve done it and you have too.  We’ve gossiped about Ben Affleck’s political views, Ellen’s sexuality and Mel Gibson’s divorce like we know these people personally.  Let’s face it, nothing most celebrities say or do will actually have an impact on our daily lives; this of course doesn’t stop us from talking about them.

(2) Overusing words or phrases – Maybe you say “dude” or“man” too much.  Maybe you are more sophisticated and use words like inconceivable far to frequently.  I remember attending meetings with one guy who would use the word“pedigree” over and over; we weren’t even discussing dogs.

(1) Wearing too much perfume or cologne – Are you splashing on so much Brut 33, that birds are falling out of the sky?  Do you bathe in Bvlgari perfume, causing anyone around you with even mild allergies to go into full respiratory distress?  Perfumes and cologne are meant to give you a pleasant signature scent, not announce your arrival from a quarter-mile away.  If you are wearing your scents too strong, you are likely annoying people.  Just remember, your nose becomes desensitized over time to the scents you wear; however, everyone else can still smell them!