10 Attributes Couples Who Go The Distance Have In Common


1. They love themselves

Self love is the foundation everything else is built upon. If you can’t spend a day alone in complete harmony with yourself you will reach out to your partner for love. This inevitably takes the form of requiring your partner to show up in a specific way for you to be happy. Fill yourself up with self love and this becomes irrelevant.

2. They heal their past mistakes

Our journey is to show us that everything love is not. We came into these human bodies to experience what love isn’t so that we could experience what love really is! When we accept our past and we are completely grateful the lessons we can move forward without being resentful for our past.

3. They have a vision of the future

The world’s greatest structures are planned out to the finest detail, yet when it comes to the most important structure of our life we tend to put no vision into what it should like. It is far more advantageous for your well being to be clear from the outset of what your grand vision is for this partnership because things will shift once you are in it. What is that you want to co-create with your partner?

4. They control their emotions

Emotions give us the depth and richness of how we experience our world. Our emotions towards our experience are the defining element of what they are. The thoughts we have give us framework, the emotions give it character, vivacity, a beautiful glow. The purpose of emotions is to be fully with them and give our soul the opportunity to record them, with full value. There can be no judgment of the experience or the emotions as you go through this recording process. Take time by yourself to let your emotions process and then come back to a place of peace.

5. They understand men

The majority of men have been culturally conditioned to live in their heads and to not feel their hearts, or even their bodies. If you felt your heart, would you even dare to rape, abuse, or dictate? The disconnect that men feel between the brain, heart, and genitals has been imposed on them. It is a program. It takes a journey of self-discovery to start dropping the program. Give permission for the man in your life to feel is heart on a daily basis. Men, give yourself permission, too!

6. They understand women

If women were to take the path given by the modern media they would spend money on sexy clothes, covering their faces with make up and trying to find the next thing to make themselves more attractive as they don’t feel it inside their self. It’s time to support women to feel all the love that she is. Because of the society we live in, the skills that often come naturally to a woman, the nurturing, the family skills, these are often ignored in comparison to men’s skills. Let’s start acknowledging what a woman represents in this world – innocence and nurturing love!

7. They know what ‘unconditional love’ means

The struggle here is taking the conditions off Love. We don’t know how to do it because Love has always been defined by conditions. Unconditional love doesn’t need anything! Essentially, Unconditional love acknowledges a soul has it’s own choices and it is not offended by another being’s decision to choose them or not choose them in that moment. If a soul has come down to earth to experience something different to what you want, that is their choice. It is not good or bad, it just is.

8. They know how to communicate

When we have heart-centered communication, it’s impossible to go wrong. Did you ever hear a politician speak from the heart? It rarely happens! If they spoke from the heart then the world wouldn’t need to be saved. If we go completely unconscious (much of the current world) we won’t listen or hear anyone, we are just waiting for the person to stop speaking so that we can speak. When you speak about sensitive subjects give your partner the opportunity to speak. Listen consciously. Pause before saying your reply and say, “Thank you, I hear you.” And then continue your answer.

9. They understand the importance of a sexually healthy relationship

It’s important to make time for sex in a relationship. When both partners make the time to put sex as a thing to do then it becomes a co-creative experience. Sex doesn’t mean full penetration; it could mean a multitude of different things! The spectrum of sex is so huge! Trust and presence are the foremost attributes you need for a great sex life. Are you both fully present when you are with each other? Get into your body by sitting and doing deep breathing whilst gazing into each other’s eyes. Breathe into each other’s hearts and then start whatever you both feel is right for that moment.

10. They value a great partner

Relationships don’t work too well because a relationship is outside the both of you. You are both working on this ship to keep it sailing. How about you stopped pretending the ship existed and focused on you and what you can co-create? There is a subtle difference in the mind as to how a relationship works differently to a partnership but it makes the world of difference to the connection to your partner. A partner is always there to support, to help you be the best you can be, and you create beautiful things together. This relationship thing is like a bus that just doesn’t need to be there. Forget it!