10 Behaviors Of Single People That I Totally (But Secretly) Envy


I’d like to throw this out there: Being unattached has some serious perks. My friends and I are all in our early 20s, so we’re at varying relationship stages. Some are engaged, some (like myself) are in long-term relationships, some are playing the field and others are living (and loving) the single life.

And man, sometimes I just get jealous of the single ones.

I haven’t been paired up for too long; my boyfriend and I are learning new things about one another every day. And though I’m very happy in my relationship (thank you very much!) I was plenty happy when I was single, too, and there are many things I miss. Here’s a list that should aptly be titled “My boyfriend might break up with me after reading this.”

1. Flirting.

Or, more specifically, flirting without shame or regret.

2. The chase.

The biggest chase that will happen in a relationship is likely when your boyfriend steals the remote during an ABC Family screening of The Notebook.

3. The remote control. 

Speaking of the remote. Honey, I love you, but I don’t want to watch football all of the time.

4. First kisses.

“Nothing beats a first kiss,” says Drew Barrymore’s character in 50 First Dates, and she’s right (hey, that’s why another movie of hers, Never Been Kissed, is so popular!) Too bad we can’t all be plagued with short-term memory loss, right?

5. No relationship jealousy.

Some say it’s a sign of a healthy relationship, others say it means you have trust issues. I say, “I’M WORKING ON IT, OK?!”

6. No need to check in.

Hey, sometimes plans change. You could be anticipating a quiet night with your girlfriends and suddenly your best friend is encouraging you to take tequila shots and go dancing. Of course, you can go dancing — you just have to let your significant other know you’ll be out late…

7. Sound sleep.

Whether you’re married with children or plagued by a boyfriend who snores, sometimes you just want the entire bed to yourself.

8. The bad dates.

Yes, I kind of miss bad dates! Of course, they were pretty difficult to get through. But then, once the horror was over, they became some of my favorite stories to share with and bond over with friends. 

9. Me time.

I try and squeeze this in as often as possible, but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow for ample personal time (and when it does, I’m typically doing homework rather than relaxing).

10. Dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

Come on, it’s a classic by now. I mean, I have to admit, I still do the dance, but it’s just not the same. Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” works too!

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