10 Best Things You Can Watch On Netflix This Weekend Without Leaving Your Bed


My favorite weekend plans are the ones where I don’t have any plans. Relaxing in bed reading, eating snacks, catching up on my favorite shows, and basically avoiding my cell phone and the outside world is sometimes the best cure for a hectic week. I’m gearing up to have a cozy weekend inside. Join me in my unabashed laziness this weekend and check out some great things you can find on Netflix right now. Homebodies unite!

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Everyone seems to be talking about Kimmy Schmidt right now and for good reason – the show is pretty funny. After being kidnapped and forced to live in an underground bunker in Indiana for 15 years Kimmy Schmidt is finally free and navigating the streets of New York on her own.

2. Garfunkel And Oates

Kate and Riki are a couple of singing 20-somethings in a duo writing satirical songs about their failed experiences in life and love. You might have season their viral video a couple years ago for “Pregnant Women Are Smug.”

3. Mad Men – Season 7 (Part 1)


The first 7 episodes of the 7th season is available on Netflix just in time for the final part of the last season to premiere on April 5th. I personally feel like Mad Men is best watched in binge sessions vs watching week by week as viewers are able to get a better sense of subtle character development.

4. The Thin Blue Line

Known as the documentary that saved a man’s life, filmmaker Errol Morris tells the riveting story of one man’s wrongful imprisonment for the murder of a Texas police officer in 1976. This is a great documentary not only for the content and story line but how the doc was filmed. Several of the techniques used in the film went on to become staples in documentary filmmaking.

5. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Johnny Knoxville is back to his old tricks again but this time it’s as the old grandfather to a young boy. This could easily be considered the best “Jackass” movie.

6. Heathers

Heathers is a great teen film but what I’ve always loved about it is how much darker it is compared to most teenage classics. Winona Ryder and Christian Slater are perfect for the starring roles and they deliver some of the most well known lines from the film.

7. 20 Feet From Stardom

We fall in love and admire some of the world’s best singers and performers but we never hear very much about the people behind the scenes who support our beloved legends. Oscar winning “20 Feet From Stardom” is an incredible documentary that takes us into the lives of some of the most talented backup singers.

8. Blue Is The Warmest Color

This French film is a sleepy romantic drama about a young 15-year-old Adele desperate to fall in love who ends up becoming charmed by a blue-haired girl she meets on the street.

9. Rich Hill


Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary last year at Sundance, Rich Hill was made by a couple of filmmaking cousins who return to their roots in Rich Hill, Missouri. The film document the lives of three teenage boys living in deep poverty within the rural Midwest.

10. The One I Love

Starring Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass, “The One I Love” is about a couple who decide to take a weekend away together after being confronted with the fact they may be headed towards divorce. It’s a unique film with some Twilight Zone like moments and incredible acting from both stars.