10 Brutal Facts You Must Accept Before You Truly Love Your Life


1. Be kind. Have no regrets.

Be kind to everyone, even the waiter that put onions in your salad on your first date. When your time has come to leave the reality we live in, you will not know what reality you will experience in your last few moments. Have no regrets. Be kind.

2. Never waste your time on things that don’t matter.

Your time is the most important thing in the world—even more than money. Choose wisely whether you want to spend your time on scrolling through random newsfeeds or being mentally present with the people you love.

3. Your ego will not give you true happiness. Let go of control.

Even if you are one of the hardworking ones who achieves, it will not give you true happiness when your life is controlled by an ego that seeks to never stop looking. Let go of the ego by surrendering your need for control over things you can’t control.

4. Toxic people will not like you—if you try too hard, you’ll become their doormat.

Know your values. Do not let others shake or break you to become someone you don’t want to be. That is when you slowly start hating yourself. Hold on to friends that will stick by your side forever during the good, the bad, and the ugly.

5. Aim for done—if you aim for perfection, sometimes you will risk never getting there.

Decide today if you want perfection or achievement. Perfection stems from worrying about external judgment. External judgement leaves your work unfinished and the judgers still judging, no matter how perfect. Do it anyway.

6. Dreams are just dreams until you make them happen. It is your responsibility to follow through on your dream.

It is beautiful you have a dream; it is terrifying to follow that dream. It takes sacrifice, a ton of courage, and hard work to ever have a chance at your dream. But once you accept responsibility to relentlessly follow that dream, you have the power to increase the odds of making it happen.

7. The ultimate sign of maturity is figuring out what you really want from life.

Acknowledge someday you’ll have to leave everything behind, including the nagging voices of opinions that do not serve you. Look within yourself to find your own happiness. Not what your mother, father, brother, friends, neighbor, or dog wants. You! What you really want!

8. You have an inner complainer and an inner cheerleader. Which one would you rather hang out with?

Reject the inner complainer. Embrace the inner cheerleader. The one that helps you move towards happiness and get things done is the cheerleader. If you’re always there for everyone else, you also need to be there for yourself. You deserve to take the positive energy you put out into the Universe and reflect them back in your own thoughts.

9. Investing in your health, wealth, and your mind is the most selfless thing you can do.

You can only lift others out if you aren’t drowning. Self-care and investing in your health, wealth, and mindset makes you strong and skilled. Self-care is much more than eating ice cream or getting a massage—it goes deeper within. It is painful admitting that you need time for yourself, but you can’t rely on others to complete a true picture of who you really are.

10. One day, you’ll be the best thing to ever happen to you

Stop relying on other people to make you happy. Your continuous personal improvement will make the biggest impact on your own well-being and happiness. There is a high chance you’ll also find meaning along the way. You love yourself by investing in yourself.