10 Concept Cars That Prove The Future Is Now


1. Toyota FT 1

Ok, so not much known right now about this thing. It may only cost around $60k so that’s nice. But it certainly looks phenomenal! The name says it all. FT-1 stands for “Future Toyota,” and the number “1” represents the ultimate. According to its designers at Calty Design Research, the FT-1 Concept is the ultimate expression of a Toyota coupe design, building upon Toyota’s rich sports coupe heritage dating back to the 2000GT, Celica, Supra, MR2 and most recently Scion FR-S. When will it come out? What stats will it boast? Who knows! But I’m excited.

2. Lexus LF-LC

This concept looks absolutely brilliant. It’ll most likely feature somewhere in the 350-400bhp range and deliver breathtaking performance. It’ll certainly be a direct competitor to the BMW i8 and the Toyota FT 1 but probably be a lot pricier than the new Tesla. It looks like it might cost just a shade over $100K but we’ll know for sure hopefully in the next couple of years.

3. BMW i8

Generally still in the concept phase but with a lot of hype around it. And why wouldn’t it be attracting a lot of attention? This thing looks wicked. It looks fast just standing still and it’s a plug-in hybrid! How much will it cost? I have no idea, but my guess is a lot more than I can afford on an Internet writer’s salary.

4. Ford Atlas

If you’re not much into supercars or racecars or sports cars then Ford has something you might like. It’s called the Atlas and it looks pretty badass if I do say so myself (I don’t). It’s got tons of LEDs, a new EcoBoost engine (it’s good for the environment!), and a bunch of new automatic features that sound kind of nice. It should come out next year so we’ll see everything it has to offer sooner than later.

5. Ferrari F80

Sign. Me. Up. 1200bhp. Twin-Turbo V-8. AND it’s a hybrid (so it’s also good for the environment). It will purportedly weigh just 1763-pounds, enabling the hypercar to sprint to 62 mph in just a mere 2.2-seconds, topping out at 310mph and will cost somewhere in the $2M range. So start saving up now!

6. Tesla 3

I for one am super excited about the future of the electric car market. Call me crazy but I think things are really going to change soon (well, at least in my lifetime, I hope). Elon Musk is developing a new model of Tesla for the masses. Starting in at a mere $35K he’s hoping to make Teslas be a lot more common sights around town. I don’t know if there’s a waiting list to get one yet but I’d certainly like to be on it if I can.

7. Lamborghini Urus

After Porsche’s success with the Cayenne who would blame Lamborghini for trying out the waters in the SUV market? I’m going to be honest with the folks over at Lambo – this thing looks weird. I’m sure it will probably sell, maybe, but for the price it’ll probably start at I wouldn’t want an SUV, unless it can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds. And who knows, with models featuring a V-8, a V-10, and even a V-12 we may just see that level of performance.

8. Dodge Barracuda SRT

Here we go, back to the glory days of American muscle. Rumored to be coming out in 2016 this thing looks like it could be a beast. It could potentially have two different options of Hemis, a 5.7L and a 6.4L, and they may even throw in a V-6 version for those less concerned with horsepower and more with gas mileage.

9. Porsche 980

The 2017 Porsche 960 is the definition of a supercharged sports car. And it’s exactly what Porsche needs right now. It looks like it’ll be out in the 2017 timeframe and will feature enough horsepower to fully and effectively knock your socks off. With a mid-engine V-8 delivering over 600bhp and a 0-60 time well below 3 seconds this thing is a supercar for the ages.

10. Smart FourJoy

Save the best for last, am I right? Well if nothing I mentioned earlier excited you then have I got something I know you’ll be interested in – the brand new, state of the art, hyper awesome, sleek and chic, Smart Fourjoy. It looks like it’s a little roomier than its predecessor and probably boasts a 0-60 time in about a minute and a half. Rumor has it that the engine was stolen from a hairdryer but modified so as not to produce any heat whatsoever. With that said it’s a safe bet that your date will most likely be leaving her jacket on if you pull up in this thing.