10 Confessions From People Desperately Fighting The Urge To Cheat


1. I *need* bigger boobs

I’ve always preferred larger than average breasts but it was never a requirement for me in a relationship. I’ve been dating my current girlfriend for close to two years but my preference to larger than average breasts has been ever growing.

Now, I catch myself almost strictly watching porn with large breasts and even peeking at Instagram accounts of regular girls who have bigger breasts than my girlfriend. I look at these images and I question my relationship and attraction towards my girlfriend; wondering if this is going to grow into a legitimate fetish.

My girlfriend carries a B cup. She knows that I’m into big breasts but doesn’t know the full extent of how attracted I am to them. We’ve broached the subject of implants but she said she isn’t really up for it, and I would never make her do something she is not ok with.

This growing interest/fetish has made me feel bad about myself because there is nothing my girlfriend can do about it and it’s begun to affect my attraction to her. I’ve even tried subscribing to small breast subreddits only, but again, when it comes to porn and Instagram accounts, they’re of girls with larger breasts.

I don’t really know what to do or feel anymore. I still love my girlfriend and am still into the relationship, but now I’m not as sure as I once was that I’d marry her because of this and because I don’t want to ever cheat on her and get my interest fed elsewhere.


2. I really wanted to f*ck my dealer

I’m 38 and female, and I have lost 143 pounds and my boyfriend doesn’t pay very much attention to me and wouldn’t come over tonight for me cooking him dinner and a quick roll in the hay, so I dressed up in a cute outfit for the weed delivery guy so he’d look me up and down and he did, and I wanted to cheat on my boyfriend and fuck the 20-something weed delivery kid. I could have, too. Maybe I should have.

3. I just need sex…

I’m tired of us not being physical. I’ve done everything I can but still nothing. It use to be great but has pretty much come to a complete stop. There are girls that are DTF and I constantly have to fight to not fuck up.

4. My partner isn’t even trying.

I know I am going to get a little, or a lot of heat for this…but honestly I am starting to understand why people choose to cheat for certain reasons. I mean, I am a 25 yr old woman, with a higher than most woman’s sex drive. I would have sex everyday if he was willing…even tho that isn’t practical with a 4 yr old and a 6 month old along with me working 50 hr weeks, I’d still like to shoot for more than once a week b/c that once a week ends up horrible.

I mean I really love him, I love our life together, yea sometimes he drives me crazy and we have our moments where I’d like to drop kick him in the head lol but all in all I’m happy with everything but the sex. Our sex life use to be great, and lately it’s not even okay, I would honestly describe it as being HORRIBLE. First off, he’s gained some weight, I’d say a good 50 lbs. I’ve probably up about 15lbs from when we first met but I also had a baby 6 months ago and I’ve lost most of it and don’t look much bigger. He’s growing his hair out, so the combination of the weight and the hair makes him sweat tons so he stops during sex about 10-15 times, pulls out and wipes his body down…really dude?

And it’s always when it just starts to get kinda good. It’s very annoying. Then when we restart he can’t get hard, which is a problem that has been happening ALOT lately and now that he’s at home all day since being laid off I find porn on the computer everyday so it really upsets me that you can jerk off 5-7 days a week but the one time you have sex with me a week you can’t get hard. Which tells me porn is starting to be an issue.

Sex usually ends with me just being annoyed and done with the stopping and starting, or the baby cries. The last time we had sex the first 5 mins of sex while we were kissing he was touching himself instead of me, this really upset me because hello you should be touching ME!!! We’ve talked about all these issues over and over, and every time he acts like it’s me that always has to “start fights” or whatever.

It’s to the point where I literally don’t want to have sex with him, and I’m tired of all the work involved for one crappy night of sex that ends in no satisfaction on either end. If i’m having sex for an hour instead of sleeping it better at least be good sex.

Anyways, I can understand a little as to why men or women step out of the marriage for sex when that is the only thing really lacking. You still want the family, you still want your kids to have their mother and father in the same house but the sex is horrible. I hate to say it, but much more of this and I’ll be looking elsewhere.

5. I’m thirsty for a woman.

I’m a bisexual female and haven’t done well with monogamy in the past, but I’ve been struggling to leave my cheating ways behind me for around 5 years now. I met my current boyfriend 3 years ago, and he’s amazing in every way. I love him so much and want to be with him for the rest of my life. But I’m fighting the urge to cheat.

Ive always had a thing for red headed women and find my self control being tested by a gorgeous lady who works in my office. My boyfriend is open to the idea of a threesome eventually but isn’t keen right now, and especially not wish anyone we know. I agree, and really hope I can wait it out until he’s ready, but my god I miss girls.

I am very satisfied with him, our relationship has its ups and downs but we are great together. I know Im a terrible person for thinking about others in this way, but please help me realise fantasy does not equal reality

6. I’m going to cheat eventually.

I have never cheated before. I am 100% certain I will cheat once I am in a marriage.

There is little hope I can remain faithful to a woman for the rest of my life. I will probably be able to avoid it for a few years but once I want something different I will look for it. So why am I getting married?

Lots of reasons that are beneficial to me but I do not want to disclose, they don’t justify it anyways. I do love her but I’m sure many would disagree given the above. She is an amazing person. A wise man would not do this. I am not wise. I don’t feel guilty about it, I feel guilty that I don’t feel guilty.

7. She just isn’t kinky enough

I want to cheat on my wife. I know I won’t really ever do it, but it’s been a feeling inside of me for a while. My wife is very vanilla during sex, and well..I have a lot of fetishes and fantasies that wouldn’t sit well with her.

I don’t know what to do. I want to find another woman who would accept my fetishes and would be able to please me sexually, but my wife is absolutely amazing. She’s everything I could ask for and I won’t ever betray her like that. I feel like absolute shit for even thinking about cheating on her, but every time we have sex, that thought pops into my head once again.

8. “All I can think about is Brian.”

My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married for 2. It was great, and we have our good moments together, but those are rare. He has broken my trust too many times to count and he had drug problems in the last few years, and due to this he has been mentally abusive. he’s been sober for 2 months now, that I know of, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts it up again.

He rarely shows me any affection and he always mentions how he doesn’t want to “do the whole family thing” anymore. I have told him on multiple occasions that I want to feel special just sometimes, and I would like to try to have a relationship again. I can’t trust him, and it’s hard to be happy around him or with him. I know marriages have ups and downs, but this has been going on for right before we got married, 2 years ago.

We never have sex. maybe once a month, if I’m lucky, and sometimes he doesn’t even finish. I’m feeling bad because my husband has a coworker/friend that I can’t stop flirting with. He makes me laugh and feel good about myself. I haven’t felt this way about anyone in years.

I’ve mentioned to his friend, lets call him Brian, that I can’t stop thinking about him, and I think of having sex with him when I masturbate. Brian has told me that he thinks my husband is crazy because not only am I an amazing woman, but he’s extremely attracted to me as well. Every time we see each other we start talking about sexual things we like and what we would do together. Even though he flirts with me he said he could never do that to my husband because he’s one of his best friends. I know it’s crazy but that makes me want him even more. I keep trying to find ways to talk to him.

I know it’s wrong and I feel horrible trying to cheat on my husband, but I have needs too and obviously my husband isn’t meeting them. I’ve tried to be there for my husband, I do have love for him, but if he loves me I figure he would be trying to make me happy, just as I tried all those years for him. The only reason I haven’t asked for a divorce is because I’m afraid that he will not only start the drugs again, but possibly try to commit suicide. All I think about is being with Brian.


I am lonely, married and want to be unfaithful. I won’t be. I really think I have that much control of myself. But I am miserable and lonely and long to be touched and treated like a woman and not a parent or nurse.

There is a man at work I find myself very attracted to. But even though I am unhappily married I can’t bring myself to cheat. It’s the thing my husband has accused me of for twelve years. I don’t want to finally, in the end, be the lying piece of shit he has always suggested that I am.


I’ve been with my wife for well over 10 years and she is the only person I’ve ever slept with. The sex is great and she is down for pretty much anything, so I don’t regret sex with her at all.

However, she’s had multiple partners. That’s not something that I hold against her, (she’s not particularly proud of most of them) as she decided to put herself out there and experience other people and I decided to wait (which makes me feel like a jackass now). I absolutely don’t want to cheat on her or lose her as we have an awesome marriage, but I do find myself wondering how sex would be with other women.

She know this, as we’ve had conversation about it. She’s even said that after a few talks she’d maybe be open to giving me a “pass”, but I don’t want to find out that she couldn’t get past it after the fact. I guess I’ll have to learn to accept that that’s just something I may never get to experience.