10 Deep Mini-Poems About Love Lost That Will Surely Touch Your Heart


1. Always Searching

She loved the idea of love.
But she knew she’d never find it

2. The Last Time

There was a time when you kissed me so hard, so passionately, like it was the last time.
And then one day it was. And I didn’t realize it until too late.

3. Wait.

Don’t leave me in the dust.
After you just picked me up out of it.

4. Stuck in The Past

My life goes on.
Your life goes on.
Time goes on.
But my heart stands still.

5. Night Terrors

I woke up this morning after dreaming of you.
Of us actually.
You changed your mind.

I wonder why I still dream of you?
While you probably haven’t thought about me in weeks.
Or months.

Why must I hold on to something that wasn’t real?
Well it was real to me. The most real thing that I had.
Even if it wasn’t real to you.

I think the hardest thing is acknowledging that you meant so much more to me.
Than I ever meant to you.

And I lay awake thinking that I wish you could be here.
Or rather, I wish you wanted to.

6. She Runs.

Not for fitness.
Not to beat a record.
Not from responsibility.
But from her thoughts.
But from her life.
But because she is afraid to be still without you.

7. Apologies

The thing is
I never planned to
for you.
So hard.

8. The Thing.

The thing is
Everytime I feel put together.
Something happens.
And I fall apart
All over again.

9. Lucky in Love.

I’m so fortunate that I already found the love of my life.
My best friend.
My better half.
And even if it didn’t work out in the end.
I’m lucky.
I’m lucky to have even found it once.
When most people don’t ever find it.
And I have no desire to look for that again.

10. A Revelation in a Sketchbook

Blue no more, she whispered.
And the melancholy
slowly slipped away.
Suddenly her mind was at peace.
And her heart was light.
And she felt alive once again.
As if it has never happened.