10 Disturbing Scenes From Children’s Movies You’re Still Totally Traumatized By


1. When Dumbo has to say goodbye to his mom because she’s forced into elephant slavery (AKA the circus).

Most people named the Pink Elephants as the most disturbing part of Dumbo, but honestly, 100% of people who watch this scene immediately explode into tears. Dumbo is to elephant captivity as Black Fish is to SeaWorld. Oh god, HER TRUNK WAVING AT THE END! WHY, DISNEY, WHY???!!!

2. When Bambi’s mom is basically assassinated right in front of Bambi.

Tbh, even as a quasi-adult, I’m still disturbed by Disney’s fixation with killing off moms.

3. When Winnie the Pooh starts hallucinating like crazy (because there’s acid in his honey pot???).

In this Winnie the Pooh cinematic classic, Pooh Bear uncovers the physical manifestation of hell: the Heffalumps and Woozles. Seriously, WHO THOUGHT OF THIS???

4. When Willy Wonka takes the kids who haven’t already disappeared mysteriously on the most insane, twisted boat ride ever.

Everything is all chocolate, yumminess, and fun, and then… this. First of all, what is the deal with Grandpa Joe laughing during this ride? Wonka should’ve def kicked him off the tour just for being a weirdo and enjoying himself. Like, come on, that bit with the centipede crawling over someone’s mouth? Was this just punishment for Augustus Gloop contaminating the chocolate river, WHAT IS GOING ON???

5. When Anjelica Huston rips her freaking face off in The Witches.

How did Luke not completely lose his shit and try to gouge out his eyes to blind himself from seeing this?

6. When Pinocchio faces life as a donkey just because he befriended the wrong people.

Pinocchio makes one little mistake and gets involved with a bad crowd. So, naturally, his punishment is him becoming a literal jackass. Forget teaching kids to say no to strangers with candy, just show them Pinocchio.

7. When the floor turns into quicksand and giant spiders attack everyone in Jumanji.

HOW IS JUMANJI RATED PG??? Yeah, sure, there isn’t any swearing, but Robin Williams gets sucked into a board game for twenty years.

8. When Snow White is practically eaten by haunted trees.

The Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter has nothing on this LITERAL NIGHTMARE Snow White runs through. How can a 1937 animated film strike such a harrowing terror in its viewers??

9. When a clown tries to murder the Brave Little Toaster by stabbing him with forks.


10. Every single depressing second of Anastasia.

This movie was a horrific nightmare from start (when everyone is getting murdered) to finish (when Demetri, cartoon hunk extraordinaire, almost gets murdered by a statue horse). Thankfully Anastasia’s nightmare on the boat cannot be found on YouTube, because that scene is the epitome of inappropriately terrifying for a children’s movie.

thumbnail image – Dumbo