10 Easy Pranks To Get Your Friends With This April Fools Day


1. Cake it on

The night before April 1st, find a small square or round box and ice it with chocolate frosting until the box is covered and looks like a cake. Decorate it and leave it in the office kitchen or give it to a friend. They are going to need a really sharp knife to cut into this cake! (If this kind of prank is up your alley, freeze a bowl of milk mixed with cereal. In the morning, put an extra layer of cereal and milk on top to disguise the frozen part. When you give it to your friend, watch with satisfaction as they try and dig into the solid cereal.)

2. Wet and Wild

Take a clear piece of scotch tape and put it over the faucet so that when your roommate turns the sink on in the morning it sprays in all directions—just like when you put one thumb over a hose and spray water everywhere. If you have a sink with a separate device that pulls out to wash the dishes, tape the handle of this down and when your friend turns the faucet on the water will shoot out front from the spray handle.

3. Dad, is that you?

This one is great, and so confusing. If you can be sneaky enough, find time to switch around names for the contacts in your friends phone. You can re-name your number in the address book as “Dad” or the name of a crush and then send them text messages from your new secret identity. Don’t be too mean with this prank.

4. Timing is Everything

Change the time-zone on your friend’s phone so that they arrive an hour early to everything. (Settings > General > Date and Time > Time Zone) You can also change the language on the whole phone or even just for the texting so that when they try and type everything starts auto-correcting in the wrong language.

5. Salty and Sweet

Switch the sugar and the salt. If you have a salt shaker you can fill it with sugar so that those eggs taste a little extra sweet in the morning when your friend dumps what appears to be salt on top of them. Or maybe your roommate is more of a coffee drinker and likes sugar in their coffee. Place salt in the sugar bowl and they will have a strange mixture of salty coffee—yuck.

6. Lost and Found

When your friend is at work or in class, head to their room and carefully re-organize their drawers. Just switching things from their normal place will disorient the person—put the underwear in the bottom drawer and sweatshirts in the top or something like that. You can even do this at the office as long as you don’t mess up important papers. Put the stapler on the left, move the phone to the right.

7. Super-strength (Super-rude)

To test someone’s super-strength (and patience), use some super-glue to seal the cap onto a beer or bottle and give it to them as a gift. If you want to be really cruel, Ice someone with a cap that they can’t get off and watch them struggle on one knee trying to get the cap off. Hopefully, you are a nice enough friend to tell them that they won’t be able to get the cap off before they cut themselves on a broken bottle trying too hard.

8. With the same Super-glue…

Super-glue a dollar or some quarters to the floor and watch as people try to pick them up.

9. Smelly Like Cheese

The night before April Fools, borrow your friend’s deodorant and put a layer of cream cheese on top. The next morning when they go to put some one they will end up with a bunch of cheese in their armpits.

10. Lucky Numbers

This prank needs someone with a good poker face and a commitment to acting out a scene. Buy a lottery ticket and make a big deal of scratching the numbers in front of your friend. Stare at the numbers in disbelief and start yelling and celebrating as if you won. See how long you can keep it going without letting your friend see the card and see if you can get them to celebrate with you! ( You can always fake a pregnancy or an injury, but mom always tells me to be careful what you wish for and I feel like it would be bad karma to fake a broken leg… you might end up with one the next day.)