10 Easy Rules Of Dating Gay Dudes


1. Don’t lead him on. If you’re not that into him then girl tell him and keep it moving. Don’t date him because he has a nice apartment or a huge dick. Leading someone on is about liking the fact that somebody is into you. Imagine the person you’re leading on is cute furry little dog who is always so excited to see you. When you lead someone on you’re suddenly kicking that dog across the street when you’re bored of him.

2. One of my friends went on a couple dates with this guy who told him he was moving back to Australia suddenly so he couldn’t date anybody or do something long term. Tell me why I ran into this guy a few weeks ago in Shoreditch and the first thing I thought was, Gurl wut? We all tell white lies from time to time, but there’s no need to fabricate an entire new identity just so that some hot guy can be into you. He’s either into you or he isn’t. Lying now only means having to tell more and more elaborate lies later on down the road.

3. Please stop describing yourselves as “straight-acting.” Not to go all Judith Butler on your asses but, like, what does straight acting even mean, especially if it’s an act? Some guys seem naturally more masculine than others, but that does’t mean the rest of us who don’t fit into such a narrow box are terrible people or bad cocksuckers.

4. I once went on a date with someone who had Grindr open and was typing in it as we walked down the street. Maybe we weren’t into each other, fine, but can I get some manners? Damn. Guys, don’t open up your Grindr profile during your date, not even when you sneak off to the bathroom. Nothing kills the vibe more than that damn “bbbbuuuurp!” notification, or like when you pull out your phone to show your date some cool ass YouTube video and you have 22 Grindr notifications.

5. If you ever, even for a second, have to wonder if he is interested in you, he isn’t.

6. Use a recent picture. Even your dildo has a camera on it, so there’s no reason your photo is from like 2012. This person’s going to meet you and find out what you look like anyway, so you might as well treat him to the real goods.

7. Don’t apologize for who you are. Be exactly who you are right now, whatever that means, and trust that one day someone is going to “get” you. He will want you because you’re you, not because you’re some phoned-in type of dude. Hotness wears off but individuality is eternal.

8. Know what you want before you sign up for anything. Don’t try to figure it out while you’re involved with somebody. That’s how feelings get hurt.

9. Never settle. There are too many guys out there to settle for someone who doesn’t make you completely happy.

10. Probably the most important thing to note, though, is that everything is negotiable. No two relationships are the same, and that’s because different things make every relationship tick. Anything is possible in a relationship as long as it is talked about and put on the table from the start. So before you cheat, think about asking your partner how they feel about being in an open relationship. Before you download Grindr — even just to “see who’s around” — tell your partner so they don’t catch you on it or get sent a screengrab of your profile by one of his friends.