10 Everyday Things Only People Who Grew Up In A Small Town Will Understand


1. They quickly remember names.

It is likely that they have been surrounded by the same familiar faces all their lives. Not remembering someone’s name when they see them is not only impossible, but also kind of rude. People in small towns call everybody by their first names – that’s how comfortable they are with each other. They know almost everyone’s background story and origin. Their relationships with their neighbors have been strongly built since they were kids.

2. They are very polite.

Saying hello to practically all human beings they encounter every single day becomes an impulse to them. It’s not uncommon to see people making small talks in public places. They send their wishes to families who are experiencing rough times. They extend their helping hands to those who are in need. The best thing about people who grew up in small towns is that, regardless of everyone’s history, they still respect one another at the end of each day.

3. They are active community members.

They participate in every town’s event. They attend important meetings. They make sure to vote when they are asked to or when the law permits them to do so. They are very much involved in everything that’s happening in their community. In times of disaster and emergency, camaraderie begins to form. No one dares to act selfishly. People look after one another. And nobody is being left behind.

4. They are proud of where they came from.

Even if they live in the middle of nowhere, they will still never hesitate to tell you where they live and came from, despite your lack of knowledge about the existence of their hometown. They will encourage anyone, who comes in contact with them, to visit their place. They may not have the same outrageous landscapes compared to small towns in Italy, but that will not stop them from saying something wonderful about their place of origin. They have speeches prepared that will cover the reasons about why they have the best town in the world.

5. They are immune with gossips.

Since everyone knows everyone, information flows from houses to houses so easily. There’s always something new that people are talking about. Anyone can be a household name in just a matter of twenty four hours. Eventually, everyone gets so used to the fact that they can be the center of attention at one point in time. Gossips born and die in the same place, and people tend to move on to another topic and forget the past.

6. They have big dreams.

Not all of them, but usually, most of them. In every small town, it’s guaranteed that there’s one person who is always feeling stuck, itching to go somewhere, and wanting to live in a big old city. Circling around the same neighborhood can be overwhelming sometimes. Days go by, the world turns another year older, yet your surrounding feels just like what it was when you were growing up. Some people in small places have big dreams of changing their lives and chasing what their hearts want in this world. And those who are brave enough to step a foot outside their comfort zones are the ones who truly succeed in life.

7. They are disciplined.

They don’t throw their trashes anywhere. They keep their candy wrappers with them until they see a garbage can. They fall in line accordingly. They follow town rules, with no exception whatsoever. Discipline is already ingrained in them because, growing up, they’ve been taught to respect orders. Having good manners is important to them. Their integrity is their family’s integrity, too.

8. They are loyal to their friends.

The chance of finding your friends for life is statistically plausible in tiny environments. While it’s true that your option is limited, rest assured that you’ll end up with people who will, not once, turn their backs on you. Small town folks are popularly known for their loyalties and their supportiveness. They will show up in time when they’ve promised that they’ll be there for you. They’ll be on your side just to make you feel less lonely and scared. With them, you will know the true and genuine definition of good friends.

9. They are hospitable.

They’ll welcome you inside their homes without hesitations. They’ll let you share meals with them, even if you have different outlook in life. They treat their guests as if they’re also part of their families. Spending time with them will make you think that there are still people in this world who do good deeds without expecting anything in return. They are the proof that the world is still a beautiful place after all.

10. They will always feel at home in their sweet, tiny town.

No matter where they go, there will always be a huge part of them that will miss their small town. Their hearts still belong to that place that taught them how to live, how to love, how to forgive, how to let go. The connections that they have with where they came from will never be erased, will never be forgotten. They may travel to different cities, meet tons of people, and have insane experiences, but they will always find their way back to the place where they really belong, to the place where they can unconditionally feel at home.