10 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life


1. Drinking a can of soda with a straw.
You know that little tab that you open your soda with? It’s actually a place holder for your straw. Instead of dunking a straw into the carbonated beverage, and having it bop up and out of the top, place the straw through the pop tab and voila — everything stays put.


2. Peeling a banana.
Although humans have innovated a lot of things, we kind of dropped the ball on banana peeling. Instead of peeling the banana from the top, which can actually be super difficult, from now on make like monkeys and other primates and open the banana from the bottom. It peels off in one fell swoop.

3. Packing all of your clothes into a suitcase.
Some humans fold. Other humans roll — but rarely do people fold and roll. Although rolling your clothing does allow for you to get more into your bag, there is a genius method called “bundling” that allows you to pack even more. Bundling requires you to layer your clothing, starting with large items like a sweater or a jacket, and adding other small items on top, before rolling it all into one compact bundle that can be easily placed into your suitcase. Watch and learn!

4. Microwaving your leftovers.
Ever wonder why the middle of your microwaved leftovers is always cold? It’s because the heat from the microwave reaches the outsides first, heating them more than the food in the centre. To avoid this, dig a little hole in the centre of your plate, and push your leftovers to the edges. This will distribute the food evenly, and leave you with piping hot grub.


5. Using ketchup cups at a fast food restaurant.
When you use a ketchup cup in a regular manner you usually cant dunk a burger into your condiments because they’re just too small. However, if you fan them out by pulling them at the sides, not only will you be able to fill the cups with more condiment, but you will also be able to dunk a whole Big Mac in there if you wanted to.

6. Freezing warm drinks quickly.
Usually, when you stick a warm drink into the freezer it takes a while for it to properly cool down. Instead of waiting an hour for your drink to get properly icy and refreshing, stick your drink in the freezer after wrapping it in a bit of paper towel that has been soaked in water. Reddit user Science_Monster explains why this hack even works here.

7. Saving your phone from water damage.
When our phones take a bit of a spill (into the bath, into the toilet, into a pool, etc — we’ve all been there) we are often told to dunk them in some rice and wait a few days for them to start functioning again. However, if you place your phone in a sealed ziplock bag that has a few of those silica gel packets inside of it, it will dry even faster. Those packets are in your packages because they absorb moisture, so they work even better than rice.

8. Peeling a mango.

If you’ve ever tried to peel a mango you know that its annoying — like really, really annoying, and sticky. Instead, all you need is a sturdy cup, and a little bit of hand eye coordination.

9. Putting a bobby pin in your hair.
Usually, when putting a bobby pin into any hairstyle, we will put it with the ridges facing up. However, bobby pins stay in better, and are actually intended to be used when the ridges are facing down. When the grooved edges face the scalp, the ribbing will grip more hair, and your style will stay put.

10. Eating a cupcake the way it comes.
If you love cupcakes, you will arguably love this hack. Instead of biting directly into your cupcake when you get it, cut the bottom off and pop it on top! This provides you with the perfect ratio of frosting and cake in each and every bite, allowing you to savor your treat even more.

Now you know!