10 Exhausting Reasons I’m Sick Of Talking About Women And Other Topics Concerning Gender


Here’s the fact of the matter: we are in 2015 and women are allowed to do whatever we want to do. I recently read an article on here about how women literally can’t win, and I’ve never read anything so true (that’s probably an exaggeration). I’m tired of talking about women because there shouldn’t even be anything else to talk about.

If women want to be super emotional, cool, do that. If women want to be super independent and never speak to a man ever, cool, do that too. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO. We’ve exhausted the whole woman conversation and here are some reasons why I’m sick of hearing about my own gender.

1. I’m sick of men talking about women like they know how women work, because, well, they don’t.

2. I’m sick of women talking about other women negatively. We’re all in this together, ladies. Act like it.

3. I’m sick of hearing people bash women for being too confident, and calling her something along the lines of a “snob.” Confidence is the BEST thing a woman can have, let her have it.

4. I’m sick of men trying to generalize women into the historical figures they’ve been, i.e. homemakers, stay at home moms, etc.

5. I’m sick of women thinking “oh I can’t do that, boys wouldn’t like that.” Here’s a tip: if you ever do something you want to do and a boy doesn’t like you for it, never give that boy the time of day again.

6. I’m sick of high school girls trying to get a certain number of retweets to get a boy to go to prom with them. If you need retweets for him to be your date, you probably shouldn’t go with him anyway.

7. I’m sick of people thinking women are weak, emotionally and physical. Think about everything your own mother has gone through to raise you, then try to tell me that women are weak.

8. I’m sick of people telling women they’re PMSing. Guess what, the majority of the time we’re NOT PMSing, you’re just being ignorant.

9. I’m sick of (some) men thinking they can boss women around. I am my own boss, and you have no right and will never have a right to tell me what to do.

10. I’m sick of even having to type these things out, because it’s 2015 and you’d think we’d be at a point in time where none of this even has to be said.