10 Extremely Difficult Things That Happen When You’re In a Long-Distance Relationship


1. Making Tough Decisions

What does our future hold? How long do we have to live like this? Who will move first? Am I ready to pack up everything and move? Is he worth it? Some answers will come easy and others will take time to figure out. Prepare for an endless whirl of questions you both need to answer honestly and together. Its hard work but in the end it’s worth it.

2. Cell Phone Is Now Your Boyfriend

You’ll re-read your latest conversation over again just for that one part where he says “Goodnight, I love you.” You’ll scroll through your photo album looking at those sacred pictures of when you were together and wish more than anything that you could go back in time. Your phone battery will also drain drastically faster because you’re constantly checking to see if they replied.

3. Days Move At Glacier Pace

Is it Day X yet? You’ve been counting down till the next time you can see them from the moment you’ve last said goodbye. No matter how long it is till the next time, you know the exact number of months, weeks, and days until you two can be reunited again. You’ll also have an app to remind you daily just in case of that off chance you forget.

4. Walk Down Memory Lane

Just when you think you’re emotionally stable, something will trigger a memory and it will prove you wrong. So very, very wrong. This may or may not happen multiple times a day. No, I am not crying. Someone is cutting an onion.

5. People Think You’re Crazy

“So he lives in a different continent? How does that even work?”

“Wow that must be hard.”

“Aren’t you worried he’d cheat?”

“It must not be serious.”

6. It Doesn’t Get Easier With Time

You’re patiently waiting for the come-to moment when things become clear and get easier. They don’t. No matter how much time has passed you still miss them like crazy.
Refer back to points 1 & 4.

7. Things Get Heavy

Your significant other won’t be around every time you need a shoulder to cry on, not around on one of those “bad days” when all you need is a hug from them and for them to tell you everything will be alright. Not on those days when you struggle and need more support than any loving message on Skype can deliver. Ultimately, you’ll have to learn to deal with a lot of things on your own, which will only cause you to grow stronger in the process.

8. Finding Time To Visit Gets Complicated

Whether it’s not being able to take time off of work, the pricey cost of plane tickets or conflicting schedules, finding the time to see your partner can be exhausting. Something has to give, and more times than not, it’s usually your pocketbook.

9. Picking Up Where You Left Off

When you are finally back together, it seems like those long grueling months never occurred. It’s like you’ve stepped back into your perfect life and can start living the fairy tale again. That is, until you have to go back home to reality.

10. You Can Survive Anything

Together you will develop this indistinguishable, untouchable bond. It will help carry you through all sort of arguments and problems. You’ve survived this long-distance thing, almost anything now seems possible.