10 Flawless Website Builders To Give Your Business An Online Presence That Won’t Cost A Penny


In order to compete in today’s business world, you need to have a web presence. This means that you need to have a great website. At one time, you had to pay a lot of money to have someone create a website. In this review we’ve collected 10 most advanced website builders which will allow you to develop your website by yourself and absolutely for free. Of course, these are not all free website builders worthy of attention. There are other more complete lists of free website builders that might be useful for you.

1. WebsiteBuilder

With this builder, you get a custom domain name at no cost, free accounts, and secure web hosting. There are high quality SEO tools you can use, also at no cost, and you can even set up your business email address.

2. Weebly

This is an easy website builder that lets you create a website in just a few minutes. The tools are easy to use, and there are features that will let you do anything on your website from your phone, from checking inventory to making orders.

3. Sitey

Here you will find loads of tools for creating your website. You can choose a template and drag and drop content, and there are loads of great templates to choose from. Build your website in just a few minutes. You will have a secure hose, and a responsive platform that is Google-friendly.

4. Wix

You can build a website based on flash quickly and easily with Wix. Website builders have created the HTML pages, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing about coding. You can create an awesome looking website that has loads of features, even if you have no experience at all with building websites.

5. Puzl

This is perfect for business owners, because the wizard will ask for loads of details about your business. Some of the questions asked are general (business name, type, etc.), website details (name, language, etc.), and contact details (email, phone number, hours of operation, physical address, etc.). Once the wizard is done, you will go to the builder, which has an easy to use interface.

6. Yola

With a free Yola package, you can have up to five websites with banner-free hosting, awesome customer support, website statistics, and 1GB of storage for each website. The websites are on a second level domain, and there are loads of great features.

7. Webs

Use this site to create your own free website. You can have one site with ads, and there is a mobile version of your site that also has ads. Your site is limited to 500MB bandwidth, and you will have 40GB of storage space. Should you choose to create an online store, you will be limited to five web store items.

8. Edicy

With a cloud-based platform, you can manage content and have a website hosting and building service. You can take advantage of the free features, and if you need more, there are also paid features you can use. Edicy works on most browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE.

9. Webstarts

If you want a site that is simple yet elegant, check out everything that Webstarts has to offer. It is easy to use and there aren’t so many tools that you will feel bogged down. The biggest drawback is that there isn’t a huge selection of fonts, but you do get the basics, including Times New Roman, Comic Sans, and Arial, as well as sleek-looking templates.

10. Web.com

You can create your business page and start connecting with customers right away. There is a team of social media experts available to help you create a page all about you, and help you develop a fan base around that page. You will get loads more Facebook likes, and more fan engagement, than you ever have in the past. You can even professionally market your page.