10 GIFs Of Animals That Were Actually You This Morning


Sometimes The Hardest Part Of Getting Out Of Bed Is Waking Up

Five more minutes please!!!

When You Finally Do Wake Up, You’re Already Late To Work

The day is not off to a good start.

You Sneak Into The Office, Hoping Your Boss Doesn’t See You

So you can pretend you’ve been working hard all morning.

You’re Still Hungover From Last Night

You try not to trip on yourself on your way to your cubicle.

So Hungover

That you are like seeing things — like horses when hands on their heads.

By Mid-Day You’re Already Falling Asleep

How are you going to make it another FIVE more hours!

Maybe A Nice Lunch Break Will Replenish You

Because food feeds the soul.

A Super Pumped Coworker Tells You This “Thing” Needs To Be Done Immediately

Why do people keep bothering you tho?

Soon You Get A Burst Of Energy To Do Stuff

But then your computer mysteriously crashes and obviously you can’t do any more work.

You Know What That Means

You’re off the hook!!

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