10+ Gold, Copper, and Bronze Bathroom Accessories


When you think of redesigning your bathroom, you probably imagine swapping out the old tiles, updating a light fixture, or even getting a new toilet. What you might not realize is that it’s actually your bathroom accessories that totally set the tone for space.

In most bathrooms, you’ll want to stick with metal accessories. This is because the bathroom is likely going to have to endure a significant amount of heat and moisture, which together can erode material like wood. On the other hand, plastic will work for these purposes, but it’s not going to be as sturdy, or look as nice, as a metal accessory would.

Typically, it’s been in style to opt for silver bathroom accessories, but that’s quickly on its way out. Now, it’s all about using a warm metal accent such as gold, copper, or bronze to complement a neutral space. You see this often in Mid-Century bathrooms and homes (gold is a popular accent in Mid-Century pieces in general) as well as Modern bathrooms and homes.

On the other hand, you likely see warm metal accessories in upscale restaurants and cafés as well as Hollywood regency bathrooms. There’s something welcoming and timeless about a gold, copper, or bronze accessory that truly sets it apart. It typically goes best with Modern, minimalistic, or monotone rooms. In heavily contrasted scenarios, such as white-on-white tile or black-on-white design, these metals look best. 

What Accessories Do You Need?

When it comes to putting your bathroom together, it can be intimidating to figure out everything you need. However, for the most part, you should think in terms of replacement and utility. Most of the accessories you need will probably already be in your bathroom. Otherwise, if you’re starting from scratch, think of what you want to reach for when you’re using the bathroom space, and then design from there. 

Here are some examples of accessories you could use: 

  • Faucets
  • Towel rings
  • Towel bars
  • Tissue paper holders
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Soap dispenser
  • Shower curtain rods
  • Shower curtain rings
  • Shelving
  • Toilet tank levers
  • Hardware on cabinets
  • Deck plates
  • Sink drains

Though there are so many options for these accessories, consider two things when you purchase them:

First, start with a statement piece and then build around it. Choose a faucet you love and then buy accessories that either come with it, are from the same collection, or at least go with it well.

Second, ensure that you’re not making every single thing in your bathroom the accent metal color. It is supposed to be a standout piece for a reason — it needs something contrasted (neutral, white, wood, etc.) behind it.

Next, take a look at some inspiration photos. Notice how these designers utilized a contrasting metal against neutral colors or a minimalistic base. Also take note of what they decided to make accented — perhaps the nozzle of a bathtub temperature regulator, or the faucet, but nothing else. There’s plenty to draw inspiration from, especially given that warm metal accents are so in style right now.

Once you have a bit more direction for where you’d like to go with your bathroom look, consider some of our favorite gold, copper, and bronze accessories: 

Tissue Paper Holders

You might think that your tissue paper isn’t a big part of your bathroom design, but consider that if your holder is an accent color, it can totally change the look of a bathroom, given that it’s taking up more real estate on your shelf or counter than, say, a toothbrush holder would.

[tc-product id=”chconxwu” highlight]

With a beautiful gold base and downturned handle, when installed on the side of a wall or cabinet, this toilet tissue holder is the perfect gold accent for your bathroom. 

[tc-product id=”vezroif”]

With a symmetrical design and beautiful brass finish, this holder is a sturdy but subtle complement to a Rustic or Transitional bathroom.

[tc-product id=”llyyaxmr”]

If you don’t have the space or ability to install a toilet tissue holder on the side of a wall or fixture, consider this freestanding option. Sleekly designed and available in multiple different finishes, it’s the perfect accessory to sit next to an open bathroom layout.

Towel Ring

Your towel ring is an important feature in the bathroom because it’s one that you and your guest will see and interact with most frequently. Typically situated next to the sink, this will allow you to store hand towels efficiently and beautifully.

[tc-product id=”reiq” highlight]

With a grooved base, rounded feature, and open side allows for easy placement and removal, this ring is perfect for a subtle gold or bronze accent.

[tc-product id=”nrbnjeoc”]
Similarly, this ring comes in a very nice worn oil-rubbed bronze, which makes it a great accessory for a Rustic or Transitional bathroom.

[tc-product id=”avlakikr”]

If you’d really like to make a statement with an accessory, this copper ring is the perfect option. Its bold, hammered finish makes it the perfect addition to any bathroom.



Lastly, your shelving can be a really important feature for a bathroom, not only because it improves your storage space, but it also gives you an opportunity to accessorize your bathroom. In this case, it’s another opportunity to add an accent metal.

[tc-product id=”gygfcftn”]

This gold shelving unit offers a top-shelf on which you could place a tissue box or other accessories, and two beneath it that could hold towels, which would be another opportunity to tie in color.

[tc-product id=”ekukieqm”]

This gorgeous piece is distinctly Mid-Modern in its design, with glass shelves and a gold rack. Fortunately, it also comes in colors like brushed bronze or antique brass to coordinate with any bathroom space.

[tc-product id=”rkssrmx” highlight]

If you’re just looking for a single shelf on which you could display, say, a picture frame or accessory, this might be the perfect option for you. This shelf comes with a wood base and metal features to give you just enough of an accent while still maintaining a classic look.

[tc-product id=”vqznvf”]

If you’re looking for something more Industrial or Minimalistic, try this tri-bar wall-mount shelf, made from finished piping. It gives your bathroom a very grounded look and could be the perfect complement to other exposed features.

In the end, there are so many elements that have to come together to make your bathroom look as nice as you want it to. Though there are so many ways to accessorize, incorporating metal accents is just one of many for you to bring a warm, welcoming look into your home.