10 Great Reasons All Women Need A Guy Best Friend


How often have you heard, “Men and women can’t be just friends,” bu then experienced the exact opposite and quickly realized that tired assumption is complete BS. Most of the people I’ve remained active friends with since college are women (y’all are better at keeping in touch) and I have mostly not tried to put the moves on them despite having shared a bed on a number of occasions. (Oh boy, some missed opportunities are really beginning to dawn on me… kidding!) Nonetheless, I couldn’t be happier to have very close, platonic lady friends and I’d like to think that they’ve benefited just as much from my friendship (I performed two of their weddings and have one son named after me). Don’t have a bro BFF? Here’s why you need one. And, yes, get ready for a few stereotypes:

1. We’ll help you when you move.

No one actually likes moving but a 180-pound guy is probably more of an asset than a 122-pound lady. (And we don’t care as much about our nails.) He may complain more but he’s more likely to own a pickup or SUV and accept a 12-pack as compensation.

2. We won’t borrow your sh*t.

A dude is substantially less likely to borrow your favorite pair of shoes, flat-iron or tube dress than a gal. That’s just science. Same goes for borrowing your boyfriend, although he’s doing everyone a favor if it goes down like that.

3. We’re always good for a perfectly-timed movie quote.

It may not seem that important now but you never know when having a guy around to quote memorable film may be JUST the thing to ease tensions.

4. We make a fantastic last-minute wedding date.

We may not look like Rupert Everett, but it’s not bad to have a close platonic friend that you can drag to a wedding or event that merits accompaniment. Throw in the fact that we generally get ready faster than you and probably already own a suit.

5. We’re available for no-strings-attached sex.

Is there a chance that doing it with your best guy friend might make your life really difficult? Yes, more than a chance. But periodically throwing caution to the wind with your BFF who considered himself friend-zoned is much better than meeting some creep at a bar or on this “Internet.” Be advised: Only break this scenario out in the case of an absolute emergency.

6. We make killer wingmen.

Maybe it’s my 15 years of dating and 9 years of working for a women’s lovewebsite speaking but women are terrible wingmen. (It may be the male’s fault; we might be too confused by the number of female options presented to us.) However, when you’re out with your guy BFF, the prospective dude probably appreciates that you’re “chill” and can “just hang out,” whatever those two things mean. Just make sure he knows the guy you’re with is your friend, not your boyfriend.

7. We’ll let you talk.

(And down come the clichés…) Guys are more likely to consider passive entertainment a form quality time, especially if booze is involved. While some guys (oh, hi there!) are chatterboxes, most of us are content to wait for you to talk and try not to solve all of your problems.

8. We’re less dramatic.

Generally speaking, dudes are somewhat less socially clued-in and that *seems* to lead to fewer hurt feelings on our end. It’s not that we’re less into drama, it just sometimes goes right over our head.

9. We give great bear hugs.

It helps being bigger and warmer. Step up your hug game, ladies.

10. We like to feel needed.

Not all guys are handy or tech wizards. Not all of us know how to find a stud, change a tire or program a VCR but we do have a weird (and often detrimental) pride in being able to figure out this stuff. We appreciate you having some band-aids and Vicodin on hand while we try to put the “cute” back in electrocuted.

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