10 Hot Drinking Game Ideas for the Next Democratic Debate


So the New York primary is just around the corner (April 14th!), and it most likely will decide the democratic candidate.

To make this moment even more memorable, you’ll definitely want to spice it up by determining the strength of your party. AKA: Your friends’ alcohol tolerance and ability to share their love of politics while intoxicated.

Here are 10 drinking game ideas to get your political night off to the right start:

1. Waterfall every time Bernie says 1%.

2. Take a shot every time Hillary Clinton says “I think.” (Be careful…you might die.)

3. Every time Bernie mentions Wall Street bailouts you must have a thumb war. Loser takes a shot.

4. Waterfall every time Hillary mentions being a woman.

5. Every time a player laughs / sighs / or disagrees they must drink. Then proceed to flap their arms like a chicken. (The best part of this is it can cause a domino effect pretty much every time….but fair warning, this may also cause you to miss key points of the debate.)

6. Before the debate, every participating player will pick two additional words. When they are spoken by a candidate, they can force a selected player to drink.

7. Whenever either candidate compares themselves to a previous president, everyone must drink.

8. Every time a candidate mentions god or religious affiliation, a rotation begins where the next player must refill their drink with each proceeding higher-power mention.

9. Whenever the word ‘extremism’ is mentioned everyone must scream, the last one to scream drinks.

10. Whenever global warming is mentioned, take a layer of clothes off…and drink.