10 Important Lessons 2017 Taught Us


I asked many

since I can’t answer this on my own:

“What did 2017 teach us?”

so I questioned some friends that I’ve known.

One, embrace change, they said

nothing is permanent, only temporary;

forget the tears that you have shed,

live each day and moment profoundly.

Two, it all ends 

pain, suffering, joy and all that you’re feeling;

relationships, even with your friends –

it all ends, yes, this is a sad thing.

Three, you can never be enough 

at least for someone who always thinks less of you.

No matter how much you try and act tough,

they would never care about what you say or do.

Four, when it comes to love, we get crazy 

we sometimes love someone who’s hung up on their ex,

we sometimes beg others to stay, then they say we’re ‘needy’,

or we get trapped with someone who wants nothing but sex.

Five, someone told me that every day is like any other day 

routines never change, nothing new ever happens;

same, mundane and often cliché,

some days are just like recurring events.

Six, some people are inevitably acting like bitches 

always spying, ready for judging,

lurking at the side, acting like critiques,

whether you do good or bad, they’re always ready to say something.

But you have to chill (that’s the seventh)

relax and never let anything or anyone crawl under your skin.

If you get affected, you’ll lose by then,

so, clearly distinguish who’s the foe or kin.

Eight, you are strong and beautiful, too 

we all are, so no need to kill your own self-esteem.

Do all the things you must and love to do,

face your fear, believe that you can achieve your dreams.

Always try to improve yourself, that’s ninth 

stay grounded, commend yourself for all the hard work you’ve done.

You deserve the spotlight, you deserve to shine,

look back and be proud of how far you’ve gone.

Last is to never lose the child in you 

feel things deeply the way a child does,

losing it makes you lose the wonder in you, too –

it’s okay to convey all the feelings that your heart has.

And as I read all their answers,

one thing came as my conclusion:

2017 is indeed our toughest year 

but also the one that’s full of lessons.

This year made us all trust

that rainbows will come right after the rain,

that not everyone is cruel and unjust,

and that nothing lasts for long, especially pain.