10 Instant Turn Offs About Men That Women Absolutely Hate


Our new “Power of Attraction” survey unveils which qualities women dislike in a man.

Are couples doomed to grow tired of each other? That’s what YourTango, Chemistry.com and MSN’s Glo.com sought to find out when they polled more than 20,000 people on the power of attraction. While conventional wisdom says that long-term relationships can’t sustain the initial spark, our survey results found that 90 percent of men and women believe that passion can be rekindled. 

In addition to reaffirming the power of attraction, these findings reveal what draws women to men in the first place—as well as what repels them. Rekindling the flame is one thing, but the following qualities may nip a young romance right in the bud.
Here are the traits most likely to extinguish a woman’s initial attraction to a man:
1. Narcissism/lack of empathy

2. Racist or prejudiced speech

3. Immaturity/childishness

4. Lack of intelligence

5. Boredom or lack of adventure

6. Lack of spark

7. Lack of sexual chemistry

8. Lack of drive and ambition

9. Extreme views on religion

10. Bad personal style (hair, clothes, etc.)

Additionally, the following qualities tend to diminish a woman’s attraction to her mate in the long term. Attraction might be more resilient than we imagined, but reviving it seems to be more challenging when immaturity, callousness and racism endure beyond the early stages of a relationship. We should also note that poor personal hygiene dethroned narcissism from the top spot, suggesting that the difference between a lackluster and lively sex life might hinge on the number of showers you take every week. 

Here are the top 10:

1. Poor personal hygiene

2. Narcissism/lack of empathy

3. Lack of romantic love

4. Immaturity/childishness

5. Racist or prejudiced ideologies

6. Boredom/lack of adventure

7. Lack of drive/ambition

8. Lack of intelligence

9. Lack of sexual chemistry

10. Extreme views on religion.

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This post originally appeared at YourTango.