10 Lessons I Learned Before Turning 23


1. Life gets cluttered when you turn 20.
Work. Bills. Savings. Being an adult starts when you turn 20- something and it will really be stressful but all these will be worth it if you can surmount every tough situation with a smile, just think of your dream house and trips to mark check on your bucket list.

2. Be heedful of who you call “FRIENDS”. 
They will be nice and kind to you until you become a threat to them. “Make new friends but cherish the old one”. Value those who stood by you for the longest time. Make new friends but do not trust so much so easily, the weaknesses and problems you have fessed up to them can be used against you in the future when they seem to see you as a threat.

3. Love is about forgiveness and trust.
Giving someone a second chance is often the best decision one could ever make. Always remember that nobody is perfect not even you. Sometimes, second chances work out even better than the first because we all learn from our mistakes, right? May it be a friend or a family member, always be forgiving.

4. Insecure people will try to destroy you.
I don’t know about you but the moment i turned 20 and working, women especially the older ones at work, started to be mean to me, some copy my style and sometimes talk bad about me on their social media acct.. i guess confidence at a very young age (way way younger than they are) can sometimes lead us to being loathed by someone and that is never a problem. Let them hate you. They will post awful things about you on social media but girl, the moment they do this.. you are already a queen being talked about by the annoying amoebas thinking you would stoop down to their level. But no lady, just sit there on your throne.. watch them eat your sparkling dust of confidence. NEVER FIGHT BACK.

5. You don’t need to be rich. You need to be happy.
I think memories are more expensive because no one can afford to buy it. Travel as much as you can, save some for your dream car or dream house but do not spend too much time on working for worldly things. Some people never get a chance to go to places or experience peculiar things because they thought that having material stuff would make them happy… it is never too late to start the things that would make you happy. Bake, cook, travel.. be in search for the genuine happiness and great perhaps!

6. A private life is a happy life.
Keeping some things to yourself could save you from so much pain and trouble. And believe me when i say, your relationship may be worth the brag on social media but leave some infos privately. They don’t need to know every details of your love story. Let them be amazed on how amazing your relationship is, how successful you are in your field and let them find it out by themselves.

7. You will get hurt. A lot!
Offending someone is inevitable. May it be intentional or unwitting, people will hurt you and you can hurt someone too. And you gotta be armed with strength and kindness in facing this dilemma in your early 20s. No matter what they say or do to you, never take vengeance as an option to get even.

8. You are too old for dramas.
There are issues in life that demands your silence and incognizance. Some petty fights and quarrels are better left hanging than confronted. Do not ruin your peace to people who planted war inside their own head. And i know… You will meet more drama queens and kings in the future.

9. Social Media can bring out the best or worst in you.
Posting a good photo on Facebook and comforting tweets on twitter make a good impression to netizens. But some people are close minded enough to misinterpret some of your Social Media Posts. They sometimes think that what we post are about them. When in fact there is no one in particular, just a mere opinion coming from your head and out on the net. Then poof goes your reputation. So be careful what you post online or lessen what you post online. Some people are not as smart and witty as you are. On the other hand, we also must be matured enough to brush off some post that we think are about us. As long as your name doesn’t appear on their post, it is non of your business anymore.

10. God and Family first before anything else.
We have already reached the age where we can live alone and capable of feeding ourselves, but leaving your family behind over anything or anyone, will never give you true happiness. In all our decisions and plans in life let us always consider and include our Family and God.

You know, life is not that complicated as what we have been fed by the stereotypes… happiness will always be found the moment you learn how to accept the unacceptable and embrace the inevitable. Live life the way you want it to be. Be kind as much as we can, love as hard as we can, laugh as loud as we can. Let us not be too rough on ourselves and continue pursuing the main goal in life… happiness.