10 Lies You Tell Yourself To Feel Better About Bad Decisions


Everyone’s guilty of making poor choices once in a while, but some people engage in bad decision-making more often than others. There’s often a cycle that ensues, and a pattern is created. In order for these bad decisions to keep getting made over and over, you create excuses. You find a way to justify your choices, and, truth be told, you can probably talk yourself into anything.

Here’s ten classic lines that you’ll always return to when you need to feel better about a no-no move:

1. “Just this once.”

This fib can be applied to almost any situation, ranging from something as harmless as a not-so-great food choice to something way more serious. You tell yourself it will be a one-time thing to avoid dealing with the realization that maybe it will be more of a recurring event. For instance, “Just this once, I’ll text my ex back,” could lead to a laundry list of regrets. Just ask Carrie Bradshaw.

2. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Maybe you’re playing the procrastination game on your taxes, or maybe it’s something as minor as a bill that’s been nagging you. We all know you are not doing it tomorrow, because it’s not going to be any more appealing in 24 hours. It will end up being on your to-do list for months. The flip side to this one? Once you do cross that annoying item off your list, it’s going to feel like you’ve conquered the world.

3. “It doesn’t matter.”

Ah, the existential perspectives that come out when choosing wrong. You philosophize and use this line to trick yourself into believing that your choices have no impact on others. You fool yourself into thinking that you are alone in your decisions. Of course, every action has some kind of effect, whether you see it in the moment or not.

4. “Well, it could be worse.”

It’s just one little tequila shot. It’s only a cigarette, not coke. The truth is, you can always think of something worse than what you’re doing in the moment, and as long as you’re being creative about it, you’ll find a way to one-up yourself every time. Sure, you aren’t reenacting scenes from “Requiem For A Dream,” but that doesn’t automatically get you a pat on the back.

5. “I deserve this.”

Using a reward system, you could make any decision seem warranted. Because you accomplished X, you now deserve Y. This line of thinking will get you into a self-involved spiral pretty quickly – one with a very narrow-minded viewpoint. To be harsh – you aren’t a child. As an adult, you can feel accomplished and let that be the reward in and of itself.

6. “Well, all of my friends agree.”

This is the grownup version of “if all your friends jumped off of a cliff, would you do it too?” If literally all of your friends are supporting unhealthy choices, maybe it’s time to reevaluate those friends. Or, if nothing else, start thinking for yourself.

7. “It’s not like I’m married.”

This lovely line applies to anything questionable that would upset your significant other. Sure, you aren’t married, but maybe you should consider your partner’s feelings before you summon your inner Wolf of Wall Street. If he or she were in the room, would you still behave the same way?

8. “I’m not breaking any laws.”

Congratulations! You’re not a criminal. Just because you aren’t pulling a Walter White doesn’t necessarily mean that what you are choosing is good for you or those who care about you. This is another extension of “well it could be worse” in that you’re thinking in extremes.

9. “Treat yo’self.”

The thing about trying to do something “nice” for yourself is that it needs to be limited to once in a while, otherwise it’s not a treat, it’s a routine. If you blow your entire paycheck at Drybar every week because it’s “Treat Yo’Self Tuesday,” you’re going to find yourself pretty broke pretty quickly. But at least you’ll have good hair, right?

10. “I’m still young.”

Remember that part in “Wedding Crashers” when Owen Wilson’s character says this? And then Rachel McAdams replies, “Well, you’re not that young.” That’s the funny thing about time – it passes pretty quickly. Lifestyles catch up with you, and before you know it, you’re not really that young anymore. It is pretty easy to become set in your ways, and people are creatures of habit. If you’re going to engage in routine behavior, it’s wiser to choose cycles that will help you in the long run.