10 Lost Chivalrous Traditions Men Should Still Be Using Today


1. He truly appreciates a homemade meal

If a person’s partner has taken the time to make a home cooked meal and it doesn’t turn out great, a true gentleman never makes strong or negative criticisms about it out loud. It’s one thing to offer suggestions for how to make the recipe better but you should at least show appreciation.

2. He helps his partner put on their coat.

This is an old fashioned tradition that stems from the 1800s when women needed more help with taking their jacket on or off when they wore movement restricting clothing but I still think this is a nice gesture. Does it have to be all the time? No, of course not. But helping your partner with their coat is a simple way to help them out.

3. He gives up his seat up to his partner (or others less able than him).

A man should give up his seat to the person he’s with if there’s no other seats available, or to those who need assistance like the elderly, handicapped, or pregnant.

4. He doesn’t bother with his phone when he’s on a date.

This should just be common courtesy regardless of what gender you are but everyone should just put their phones away when they’re on a date. Whatever notifications you think you need to stay updated with can wait until later. Stay present and focused on your date and away from distracting screens. Doesn’t the person you’re out with deserve your full attention?

5. He lends his jacket when it’s chilly out.

When it’s a cool night and your date forgot to bring a cardigan draping your arm around them or your jacket if you have one is a classic way of showing them you care for their comfort.

6. He doesn’t talk about his sexual escapades with his friends.

He knows how to keep secrets and he knows when it comes to his sex life with his partner some things need to just stay between them. A true gentleman doesn’t brag or discuss how great his sex life is with his friends.

7. He asks her father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

It seems like this is an old tradition that a lot of guys have strayed away from but it’s one I think shows respect for the girl’s family. When you ask a girl’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage not only are you showing how much you genuinely care about what the family thinks but you love your girl enough to connect with the man who raised her and taught her everything she knows. It’s such a simple gesture but really can make an engagement even more special.

8. He remembers important dates and makes it a point to surprise her on those special occasions.

It means so much to someone in a relationship if you remember the little things – their favorite food, restaurant, coffee, or something they mentioned in passing during a conversation. Remembering anniversaries and birthdays and going out of your way to do something extra special for them on those days show how much you truly listen to them.

9. He carries the groceries, bags, or heavy items.

Of course your partner can do these things themselves (unless it’s something that’s heavy and actually requires 2 people) but it’s just a nice gesture to help your partner when they have a lot of things in their hands.

10. He doesn’t expect sex in return for time spent together.

A gentleman should be able to do basic things like take a girl on a date, walk her to her door, or spend time with her without assuming it’s going to lead to something sexual. This sort of thing shouldn’t even have to be said but it seems like so many guys I know talk about how disappointed or frustrated they are if they didn’t get laid after the first couple of dates. If a man is really interested in someone they’ll know the physical part of the connection doesn’t need to happen right away.