10 Mindsets To Live By If You Want To Achieve Extraordinary Success


Developing the proper mindset is a critical element in getting what you want out of life. Your thoughts determine your actions and your actions determine your results. Many of us tend to think about the circumstances we desire but neglect to think about the process involved in getting there. The beginning of the path to achievement begins in the mind. Here are some practical ideas to use to develop the proper mindset for success.

1. No One Knows Their Ceiling

If I were to ask you exactly how much you’re truly capable of, what would your answer be? If I granted you the wish of choosing how high your ceiling of achievement for your life would be, how high would you set the bar? The reality is that we have no idea what our ultimate ceiling is in terms of our success; so worrying about it is an absolute waste of time.

2. Success Is About Doing The Right Thing, Not Doing Everything Right

You’re not going to be a master in every area of your life and you’re most certainly not going to be perfect. The great thing is, that in order to achieve high levels, you don’t have to do everything perfectly. Focusing on the right areas is the key to getting results. Habits are difficult to form, so carefully choose the right habits to adopt and bring just enough discipline to establish them.

3. When Big Is Believed To Be Bad, Small Thinking Rules The Day

There seems to be a fear of big thinking that permeates our culture. Thinking big is seen by some to be synonymous with extreme difficulty and superhuman amounts of effort. While is true that it takes hard work to achieve massive success, it doesn’t have to be as grueling as we make it seem. Many people work extremely hard and still get minimal results. The difference between success and mediocrity lies in the size of an individuals thinking.

4. What You Build Today Will Either Empower You Or Restrict You Tomorrow

You are never stagnant in live. Either you’re moving forward or going backwards. Everyday your actions point your compass in a certain direction. What you do today affects you tomorrow, but more importantly it effects you in the long run. The chains of habit feel light until they are too strong to be broken. Each and every day should be a process of building towards the life of your dreams. You stand at a fork in the road in terms of your decision-making throughout your entire life.

5. To Achieve Extraordinary Results, You Must Choose What Matters Most And Give It All The Time It Demands

A balanced life is a lie. Attend to all things and everything gets shortchanged. The reality is that some things are much more important than others. Trim away the fat of your routine and get down to the critical elements of what you need to do in order to be successful. You are going to need time to get where you want to be, so you must make the time to work towards your ultimate goals. Some areas will be left unattended, and life may seem a bit chaotic, but you must be able to operate in the eye of the storm and focus on what matters most.

6. Uncommon Dreams Mean An Uncommon Life

Anyone who has dreams and aspirations that exceed the limits of the norm will have to live a life that is different than those of the masses. The people who are in the top 5 percent of the population in terms of success lead entirely different lives than those of the remaining 95. If you want to be like everyone else, then live like everyone else. If you want to rise to the top, however, you must follow the road less traveled.

7. Thinking Big = Succeeding Big

The only actions that become springboards to succeeding big are those informed by thinking big. You can’t build a skyscraper using the blueprints for a shed. You have to not only think big, but also actually have the faith to believe that you’re capable of achieving big things. There is no other way.

8. Living Big Is Our True Purpose

You weren’t put on this earth to be small. The definition of the dream may vary for the individual, but only living big will let you experience your true life and work potential. Shortchanging yourself and doing less than you’re capable is a sure fire way to end up with a life filled with regret. In the words of perhaps the biggest rapper of all time, Jay-Z: “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.”

9. How We Phrase The Questions We Ask Ourselves Determines The Answers That Eventually Become Our Lives

When you ask yourself about how you want to live, where you want to go, and what you want to achieve, do the questions come from a place of vast opportunity or limitation? Lets take finance for example: Do you ask yourself what you can do to just get by on your bills, or do you ask yourself what you can do to live a live of financial freedom in which you don’t even have to worry about your bills anymore? Great questions lead to great answers.

10. The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The Worlds Are The Only Ones That Do

Read that sentence over and over until it truly sinks into your brain.