10 More Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again


The wonderful Kate Bailey has made us all yearn for times of old with her very well crafted 10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again. Here are a few more that I think we all earnestly long for: 

1. Typing the sentence, “Will u go out with me?”

Sadly the days of this sort of manly confidence and chivalry have fallen by the wayside. The lost art of the “asking out” instant message may never be replaced.

Few things are more romantic than the old-fashioned exchange that was once forever immortalized in every girl’s heart:

KillaBballKid27: hey

xoPopstarChicka32ox: heyyy 🙂

KillaBballKid27: wanna go out wit me?

xoPopstarChicka32ox: ……….

xoPopstarChicka32ox: ……………..

xoPopstarChicka32ox: YES!!!

2. Including your significant other in your “Top 10.”

There used to be a special moment in every girl’s life–the one where they were finally allowed to include their man in their “top 10.”

The flirting tactics strictly designed for moving up in one’s top 10 were really second to none. Sadly, we don’t seem to have an equivalent today.

3. Composing away messages like “Thinking of u…u know who u are ; )”

Sure we’ve got subtweets and facebook statuses, but they tend to take on a more negative tone. Just not the same 🙁

4. Asking your parents for “5 more minutes.”

Believe it or not, budding lovebirds used to forge bonds with each other by communicating electronically until 11:07 pm, under the guise of needing to ask Chrissy for help with the math homework.

Now it’s like we’re just having real sexual intercourse, maybe going out to eat a meal, and then deciding whether or not we want to turn this interaction into either marriage or blog fodder. Despicable, really.

5. Putting “Kevin. 10/24/03. <3” at the bottom of your profile.

Commitment in writing used to be effortless, with a heartwarmingly positive stigma. Now it requires the presence of Steve Katzberg, ESQ.

6. Making a group on your buddy list just for them.

What’s the point of reserving someone a special place in your heart if you’re no longer able to reserve a special place for them on a primitive SMS application?

7. Saying things like “gnight” or “sweet dreams, emma <3” before they sign off.

That closed door sound may have meant they were leaving for the night, but not without you in their heart.

8. Roping your best friend into a chatroom with you and your significant other.

So that they can see how much chemistry you guys have, despite the fact that in addition to the chat room, you guys are all having side-conversations.

Third-wheeling just isn’t what it used to be.

9. Copying and pasting the convos from each separate window into the other window.

Thus creating a backstabby scenario where everybody is insulting everybody, to the point where you best friend has no choice but to take out her jealously by ending your relationship in incredibly manipulative fashion, using the ammo that you’ve provided her with.

Nowadays, we don’t know that your significant other has left you until you see them in an instagram together. There was once some beauty in the breakdown.

10. Basing all your romantic interaction on a medium that actually values a human connection, like AOL Instant Messenger.

We all seek a connection. But how can we do that when there used to be a different way that we connected — one that is not the same as the one we’re currently experiencing? It’s something that is altering the very fabric of our society in an ostensibly real way–especially given that cultural norms, generally, evolve over time.

Maybe it’s just me, but love just doesn’t seem real unless the interactions are taking place somewhere that necessitates some actual human decency. Sometimes, it’s like people can’t even imagine a world where people interacted like actual people–from chat window to chat window. Just like how it should be.