10 Of Life’s Indulgences Gone Wrong


1. Hot Showers

Yes, the shower is where we go to wash up, but it’s also many people’s happy place of peace, quiet and tranquility. You can meditate and think in there, as beads of hot water pelt your scalp and soothing steam fills the tub. Unfortunately, sometimes this enjoyable process causes us to lose track of time and forget that we have plans that we’re now going to be late for.

2. Playing with little kids and making them laugh.

One second they’re having a ball, laughing hysterically at your goofy actions, then suddenly something happens that changes the mood entirely. Maybe they bump their head or your tickle monster goes from funny to terrifying in their eyes – whatever the case, emotionally unstable children can go from ecstatic to crying in an instant.

3. Getting completely comfortable in bed.

Maybe you washed the sheets, wrapped the blankets tightly around yourself and, after a few moments of shimmying around, found the most perfectly comfortable position… Then, it happens. You have to use the bathroom, you realize you’re thirsty, or you forgot to do something that’s across the room — anything that requires you to exit your current state of snugness, and probably struggle to find said coziness when you return to bed.

4. Laughing so hard that you cry.

Because now your makeup is ruined. Mascara everywhere.

5. 15 more minutes of sleep.

Maybe you planned it that way, to shut off the alarm and rest your head for one last, short stretch of shuteye. If it works out that way, it’s great – but when it doesn’t, we usually pay the price. It may feel like you dozed off for 15 minutes, but sometimes that 15 is actually 90, and you’re 30 minutes late to work.

6. Hearing your song on the radio.

This is YOUR song, so hearing it is great, right?! Well, most of the time, unless of course poor timing strikes again, playing the song you’ve just arrived at your destination. Now you’ll have to exit the car in the middle of your favorite jam. Even worse? When you’re still driving and change the station, only to catch the last 8 seconds of your beloved song.

7. Road trips and vacations!

Traveling, excitement, anticipation, then unknown – all of that sounds fantastic, minus the ride home. The downside of any trip is the exhausting journey back, that makes you wish teleportation was an existing means of transportation, and you could just magically appear in your bed, unpacked and relaxed.

8. The smell of rain and the sound of it tapping on the rooftop.

The downside? Scarily close bolts of lightning and extremely loud thunder that’s roars seem entirely too close for comfort.

9. Awesome dreams

They can come in a variety of forms, maybe you’re flying and have full, lucid control, or perhaps you’re hanging out with your celebrity crush – we can all appreciate the pleasure of a pleasant dream. The unfortunate part is that we eventually wake up in reality, where we have no super powers and our superstar crush still doesn’t know we exist.

10. Playing chef and cooking yourself an epic, delicious meal.

With every great meal comes and unwanted responsibility: dirty dishes. Piles and piles of greasy, sticky, food covered dishes. Ugh. 

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