10 Offensive Questions Geeky Girls Get Asked All The Time


The struggle is real for a geeky woman. With the increased popularity in Marvel films, thick-rimmed glasses, and “vintage” Star Wars tees, it is so easy for the truly geeky woman to be written off as “fake” or “trying too hard”. Why is it so difficult for men (and for other women) to believe that a young, sociable, twenty-something woman could be LEGITIMATELY interested in things like comic books, sci-fi movies, and video games?

Are those real glasses?
Do people seriously buy fake Ray-Bans reading glasses?

Do you even get that t-shirt reference?
I don’t understand the question. Are you asking if I know that “May the mass times acceleration be with you” is a Star Wars reference? Or are you asking if I realize that “mass times acceleration” equals force? Either way, I’m offended.

So did you dress up as a “sexy” Joker?
No, I dressed up as The Joker. But, I have always felt that purple looks sexy on me.

Did you read something on the Internet about this movie?
No. I know who that character was/what that reference was/what the post-credit scene meant because I actually have read the comic books. Do you even realize that Captain America and Spiderman are from the same comic universe and that the super-soldier serum plays an important part in creating a character that has a huge role in the Spiderman story arc? No? Well, you should have visited a fan forum before seeing this movie. Get on my level.

Do you pretend to be into this to make boys like you?
Unfortunately, the whole Batman t-shirt and jeans look hasn’t brought all the boys to the yard. Are you suggesting I switch to Star Trek tees?

Isn’t (insert indie horror game title here) a little intense for you?
Just because you play CoD, don’t assume that you’re the real gamer here. I may scream like a little bitch when I play these horror games, but I do it with pride!

Girls that play video games are so hot. Do you ever play while you’re wearing something sexy?
If you consider sweatpants and a tie-dye t-shirt sexy then, yes, I do. If you’re asking if I play videogames while wearing sexy lingerie… well, I won’t shatter your dreams with the truth.

Did your boyfriend drag you to see this too?
Actually, we both are really excited to see the new Batman movie and, afterwards, we’re going back to his place to have wild sex while he wears a Batman mask and talks to me in that Christian Bale voice.

Is that costume for your boyfriend?
Well, to be honest, the Thor helmet is for me, but that lightsaber is for my boyfriend.

It’s just not feminine to wear t-shirts and to be so interested in comic books.
Thanks, Mom.