10 People On The Biggest Mistake They Made In Love


1. “I guess the biggest mistake I made in love was putting a label on a relationship way too fast. I met a great guy a few years ago. We had chemistry and a lot in common. He was kind and respectful and really funny. We only had gone on a few dates before we decided to be exclusive. Turns out, that was too much pressure too fast and we ended up breaking up almost as quickly as we called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. I still wonder sometimes what would have happened had we not rushed into things.” – Sarah, 25

2. “Dating him as long as I did.” – Ellie, 27

3. “The biggest mistake I made in love was not telling her how I felt. We were best friends. I didn’t think I had a shot so I pushed those feelings down until they eventually dulled (though they never really went away). I wish I had told her because now I’m stuck wondering what if. And it’s not like I can tell her now; she’s engaged.” – Scott, 30

4. “Thinking sex would make him stay. It never does.” – Leah, 26

5. “Ignoring red flags of a complete narcissist because I was lonely.” – Deb, 23

6. “Dating someone even though I knew he was bad for me within the first week. He was my first boyfriend, though, so I thought maybe ‘giving him a chance’ would be the route to go. Well, ‘giving him a chance’ ended up being three years I’ll never get back.” – Steve, 24

7. “Ignoring all the other love I had in my life because I was so focused on finding the romantic kind. I wasted a lot of time and heartbreak hunting for someone to love me when I already had a ton of people who already did.” – Anna, 28

8. “Staying with a guy who it would never work with based on the good times we shared, which were nothing in comparison to all the shit we put each other through. Most of the time, things were terrible. But those moments of sweetness and tenderness and passion and all that just were so good that I thought we just had to work on things. We’d get there eventually! But I know better now. Things are supposed to be beautiful most of the time and bad every now and then, not the opposite. Needless to say, we burnt out after three years together. I wish we had broken up sooner, for both of our sakes.” – Stephanie, 31

9. “Two years spent thinking I could convince her to love me even though she very clearly did not. She only liked the attention.” – Adam, 21

10. “Pushing the perfect guy away because I was scared to get close. I had been hurt a lot by a ton of other men and I was trying to test him I realize now. Deep down I thought he would come back and he always did, until one day he didn’t. People have their limits, I guess. I wish I had let him in.” – Sophie, 21