10 Perfect Vintage Finds With Massive DIY Potential So You Can Transform Your Home (And Life)




Goodbye winter, Hello spring.

Just as the leaves change so does the energy of our homes. Welcoming in the renewed sense of freedom and energy that comes with the spring season, it’s the perfect time to put a spring in your step and make some small but decorative changes around the house by breathing new life into great vintage products and giving them a fabulous spring makeover.




  1. Enjoy the seeds of spring by transforming your vintage coffee cans into planters:  

It’s time to get the garden and the outdoors ready for spring and summer, nothing says spring like flowers and plants. Transform old vintage coffee cans into planters with these easy and inexpensive steps.

First punch holes in the bottom of the can for drainage with a nail or screw. Make at least four 1/4-inch holes for good drainage.

Second give them a few good coats of spray paint. However many you need until it looks good. Let them dry and Voila! You have a new bright and colorful planter. Plant your favorite flowers or herbs and enjoy the seeds of spring. I planted mint and cilantro, what will you plant?




  1. Old glasses…new vases. 

Give old glass bottles a modern touch by turning them into pretty vases. All you have to do is clean the bottles well, fill them up with water and add your favorite flowers. You can use as many bottles as you want for different parts of the house. If you are feeling extra creative, buy some patterned wrapping papers and some glue, wrap them around the center for a new and improved spring vase!




  1. Art isn’t just for walls, it’s for dressers too

Spruce up a vintage dresser with an artsy splash of paint or wall paper. You can cover a basic dresser in a pretty pattern that says hello spring and hello new room. Paint the dresser in your favorite color, you can combine one or two colors or add stripes if you like. You can also paint the knobs in a different color or even pain inspirational messages on each drawer. This is where you should let your inner Picasso just shine and create a wonderful spring masterpiece.



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