10 Phrases And Words We Need To Stop Saying


1. “Don’t tell them I told you, but…”

When you say this, you are giving people a clear-cut reason to never tell you anything of significance because you’ll spread it around.

2. “She/he said…”

The most false statement you will ever hear.

3. Faggot/gay


4. Fuck/Bitch/Shit

Cursing has become second nature to our society. For the record: If every other word that comes out of your mouth when you’re angry is a curse word, you have a horrible vocabulary and sound like a foolish 15-year-old boy trying to impress his friends.

5. Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Okay, so not everyone needs to stop saying they have anxiety, but this term is thrown around too loosely. There really are people who have severe panic attacks, and if you’re bragging about having them, you’re probably not one of them because having panic attacks is not something that people who suffer from anxiety are proud of. It’s terrifying and we need to stop thinking that we know what that is like.

6. Fat/Ugly

Why do you care what someone else looks like?! Why do you find the need to point it out?! If you’re the one who points out the flaws in someone else, chances are you are insecure and have an ugly soul. You can change an appearance, but an ugly soul is permanent.

7. Creep

Not every guy that tries to talk to you is trying to flirt with you, have sex with you, or date you. Some guys just like to talk. Some girls just like to talk. And for a lot of people it took a lot of courage for them to try to talk to you, so just have a damn conversation!

8. I can’t even…

Yes, you can even. Finish the sentence!

9. Yaaaass

Just no.

10. No

Imagine a world where people didn’t say “no” just because they were tired, had a little cold, or because they were scared.