10 Pieces Of Tough Love You Need To Remember When You’re Facing A Big Life Transition


Transitions are the ultimate test of commitment.

They challenge you to welcome the unknown with a willingness to learn, and to maintain a sense of resilience along the way.

While transitions may have their fair share of challenges, a little tough love can go a long way.

Here are ten brutally honest pieces of advice to remember when you’re facing a big life transition.

1. Change is inevitable, so there’s no use trying to resist it.

Most of us are naturally wired to seek comfort in stability. However, as you progress in your personal and professional life, it’s important to remember that certain changes are critical to turn that “nice idea” into a full-blown reality. Making the big move requires acceptance that change will come along for the ride.

2. Avoiding unfamiliar territory will only stall your growth.

As tempting as it may be to steer clear from your weak spots, it’s time to fight the urge and start getting messy. Transitions are about adopting a growth mindset, and viewing mistakes as golden opportunities to learn.

3. Stress won’t ruin you, but your reaction might.

It’s no secret that change can be anxiety-provoking, but it’s your response to the stress that will make or break you. It’s time to stop letting the “what ifs” get the best of you, and avoid letting one setback ruin your entire day.

4. New beginnings aren’t supposed to be easy.

If transitions were ridiculously simple, everybody would move forward with them. So don’t break down at the first sight of hardship, and remind yourself that these “growing pains” are just part of the package. Things will get easier, and you will get better.

5. You might be a hardcore planner, but life will still throw you curveballs.

Even if you’re the most organized person in the world, you simply can’t control everything. Keep planning ahead, but come to terms with the fact that you’ll get thrown off of your game every once in a while. It happens to the best of us.

6. You’re wasting your energy when you obsess over the little things.

Transitions often require small adjustments to your go-to routines. This can make you uncomfortable, but it’s critical not to magnify it. When you find yourself obsessing, remind yourself to keep your eye on the prize. Stop giving small nuisances the power to distract you from the end game.

7. At the end of the day, it’s really not that serious.

People will laugh at you when you ask a stupid question. They will also instantly forget about it within 60 seconds. When you’re worried about how nervous you sound in a meeting, others are far too focused on themselves to give it a second thought.

8. Stop shutting people out, and start talking it out.

Transitions can make you emotional. When you say you’re “fine” and bottle things up, you’re setting the stage for a sudden lash-out. Your feelings are valid, and the right people will be happy to listen.

9. Be realistic with your expectations.

Transitions can be exciting, but don’t expect instant fireworks. Your life won’t be magically fixed, and your worries won’t be immediately eliminated. Remember to trust the process, and always anticipate a few speed bumps when you first hit the road.

10. Fix your attitude first, and the rest will follow.

Never approach change with a victimized outlook. Stay focused on the positive attributes, and don’t let self-doubt sway you back into your safe space. Transitions test your commitment and resilience, but they also test your mind. Will you let your inner thoughts hold you back, or will you lean in with the confidence to adapt and thrive?