10 Positive Things That Happen When You Stop Caring About What Other People Think


1. You become fearless.

You feel good about yourself because for the first time you’re making a decision based on what you believe is right. You tune out opinions of others and you listen to your gut more. You recognize that you’re young and you’re allowed to search for place where you can feel at home, to find the people who can understand you, and to pursue a passion that will make you feel excited to wake up tomorrow.

2. You learn to say no.

You realize how incredible it is to shake your head when you don’t agree. You stop pretending to like something just because you’re afraid to disappoint someone. You’re learning that saying no is okay. You don’t have to force yourself to conform to an idea that you don’t believe in. You have the right to distance yourself away from anyone or anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable.

3. You appreciate boundaries.

You respect peoples’ privacy and you’re always careful with the questions that you ask them. You’re quick to apologize when you accidentally bring up a sensitive topic in a conversation. You always make sure not to cross the boundaries that people set because you understand the importance of limitations very well.

4. You are fully aware when you are being manipulated.

You can sense when someone is trying to control you or influence your decision. You can read between the lines and you know how to respond in a situation where the other person is planning to take advantage of you. Nobody can tell you what to do, or encourage you to change yourself. You grow wiser in choosing what you believe in and who you surround yourself with.

5. You stop giving excuses.

You immediately tell the truth, in a nice way, when you don’t feel like going somewhere. You stop giving yourself a headache just to come up with excuses about why you’re turning down someone’s invitation. You stop crafting a long explanation about why you’d prefer to stay at home. You’re learning that you hurt people less when you’re honest with them.

6. You’re not scared to fail.

When you stop thinking about what other people have to say, you feel more carefree. You can do whatever you want and not worry whether someone will approve it. You’re not afraid to mess up because you don’t mind criticisms from others. All you care about is the voice inside of you and the beating of your heart. Everything else is a noise that you keep ignoring.

7. You only associate yourself with good people.

Toxic relationships are waste of time. You have so many important things to do than deal with someone else’s drama. Your success in life is affected by the people you associate yourself with, so you choose to be smart and picky with the ones that you welcome in your world. You only stay connected with the people who can help you improve your skills and talents.

8. You are happier.

You define what happiness means to you and you do everything that you can to achieve it. You prioritize your happiness above all. It is a huge determining factor for you when it comes to making big choices. You care about your feelings and you never suppress them just to prove to people that you’re strong. What you feel on the inside is important to you and your happiness matters the most at the end of the day.

9. You worry less.

You rarely pay attention to what other people think of you. Whatever they say when you’re not around is none of your business. Your mind is focused more on your goals and areas in your life that you want to improve. Your soul is calm and at peace because you don’t worry about your insecurities. You’re learning not to compare yourself to others.

10. You are more confident.

When you stop living up to everyone’s expectations, you start to become more confident in your own voice, in your own skin, in your own identity. You fall in love with yourself every day and you’re becoming satisfied with the story that you’re creating. You’re becoming so good at re-inventing yourself based on your own preference. You can carry yourself with grace and walk on this earth with a clear vision and knowledge of where you’re going.