10 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Quitting Facebook


Research says Facebook is as addictive as nicotine, and an average adult spends seventy-five minutes per day online, which is 27300 hours a year. It seems more than what we bargained for. Yet, we have the choice to limit our social media usage, or even further leave the social media platform.

There are those who even thought of leaving Facebook, and there are questions you really have to consider not even once but twice before hitting that “Delete My Account” button.

The decision simply lies on how you think social media influence you.

1. Do you have more “friends” than friends?

If you answered yes, then there is no doubt you won’t regret leaving Facebook. Who needs a thousand “friends” or so? Go out, meet new people, talk to them, and have a meaningful conversation.

Skype-ing does not count.

2. Are you in a band, in a startup, or an artist and would like to increase social media influence/market/audience and be the next big thing?

If you answered no, then my dear, you have no absolute reason to be online 24/7. You absolutely have more important things to do than scrolling until your eyes hurt.

You know how nice it is to see budding artists and entrepreneurs thriving, but you are subconsciously becoming more and more depressed and depressing to other people around you because, firstly, it could have been you in that spotlight, or you’re jealous at some point during that moment. It’s unhealthy.

3. Did you feel empowered even though not more than 10 people liked your posts?

If you think self-worth is measured by “Likes” and “Favorites” then I suggest you take time to face the mirror, and tell that horrible person in front of you, “I am more than what other people think of what I post in social media.”

4. Have you ever posted a status of you vomiting, or bowel movement, or your dog’s, or your child’s?

I leave no mercy behind. You are unbecoming, overbearing, gross, speck of dust in this universe. #FLAGasINAPPROPRIATE

5. Have you ever posted a status or a photo of you drunk, nude, and/or shirtless?

Are you proud of it?

6. Has Facebook become your public, unfiltered journal of what you ate for this morning, what you do every day, how you feel about your acne problems, why you did not attend class, where you went today, how miserable you being single has been going, and all these shenanigans you’ve been into?

Yes = Leave.
No = Are you kidding me?

7. Have you felt you’ve been transformed into an instant stalker, checking out your busty friends’ photos, or that hot dude’s summer escapade?

Stalking is not commendable. Also, you’d never know if they Photoshop-ped that Morocco trip last August, right?

8. Have you visited profiles and keeping some “useful information” for later reference?

Uh-oh. You’re in big trouble.

9. Does Facebook make you “sociable”, “friendly”, and/or “likeable” in real life?

How do you even socialize in front of a machine anyway?

10. Does leaving Facebook hurt you, your soul, and your conscience?

If yes, re-assess how you wanted to utilize social media. Or you may want to rethink of yourself as a functional being, indebted to society and to yourself. If not, shut that thing off, and welcome to the concept of “LIFE”.