10 Real Diseases That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie


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“I’d say Trigeminal Neuralgia AKA Suicide Disease. These are strong, sharp pains in the face region. Often accompanied by headaches. TN is caused by problems with the Trigeminal nerve, one of the largest and most important nerves in the head. It is considered to be the most painful disease, if not one of. They don’t call it suicide disease for nothing.”



“Central Pontine Myelinolysis. It can be caused by correcting your sodium levels too quickly and essentially draws all of the water out of the cells in your brain stem and BOOM—your entire body is paralyzed. However, you’re completely conscious and aware of what’s going on. The only thing you can do is blink and move your eyes in certain directions.”



Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva is a weird disease that progressively turns your muscles into bone. As your muscles tear from exertion or injury, they are calcified, and your body grows new bone that fuses to your existing skeletal system.”



“I’d go with a genetic condition called FOP, also known as Stone Man Syndrome.

Now from the name you can already tell this isn’t going to be a pretty disease. It occurs when the body can’t repair itself properly, and instead of growing muscle tissue, it creates bone.

So you have these bone growths, well maybe they’re like tumors and you can cut them out with surgery, right? Sure, if you like getting your bone-tumors replaced with even more bone!

Eventually the bone builds up so much that you can’t move, you can’t eat, you can’t speak, and you’re confined to a hospital bed as you are slowly imprisoned within your own body. You essentially become a living statue.

Pic of skeleton if anyone’s interested.

I wouldn’t recommend google images for this, cause I tried it and not only do you get skeletons, but you see what the people looked like while still alive. Pretty grim stuff.”


5. your body develops small tumors underneath the skin

“Neurofibromatosis. It’s a disease where your body develops small tumors underneath the skin. Most sufferers have it ALL over their body. Their face, arms, and chest are usually the worst spots. To add, ironically injury to insult, they are extremely sensitive, and hurt to put pressure on. This proves awful when you realize that they have to clean all around them, to avoid infections and illness. Every day is a reminder of this affliction.

Then people make it worse. Because it looks so frightening, people will avoid, and mistreat those who have it.”



CIPA: Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, an incredibly rare disease with less than 100 documented cases in the US. Patients are completely unable to feel any pain and are likely to hurt themselves without noticing and then dying of something normally preventable. Most patients apparently die of overheating before the age of 3.”


7. you cannot breathe, talk, swallow or even move your eyes

“Let me introduce you to the Guillain-Barré syndrome.

So imagine this: you live your life as normal, catch an occasional flu, or diarrhea, or just a cold (or maybe you catch nothing at all). You cure it, no problem, that’s what modern medicine is good at after all. A few weeks later you start to feel a tingling sensations in your toes. Strange isn’t it? But of course you think nothing of it. Progressively, the tingling sensation starts to move upwards: to you legs, to you arms, to your torso. And instead of the tingling sensation you start to feel a weakness in your limbs, following the tingling.

Things progressively get worst during a few weeks. If you are lucky you just lose the ability to walk. If you are unlucky you cannot breathe, talk, swallow or even move your eyes.

Now here is the funny part: this phase is temporary! It only lasts for a few weeks! And then you progressively get all your mobility back as if you had never been sick.”



“Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. My grandmother died from complications due to this disease (well, I think it was more ‘suicide by EMT’) a year and half ago. She made it eight years with it. Which I guess is impressive…Anyway, the disease is awful. Slowly losing the ability to control how your body moves. The disease slowly creeps through your body. My grandmother first lost control over he hands, then arms, then legs, then torso, and finally her neck. All she had left was moving your mouth and her eyes. And she was losing control of her mouth, had trouble speaking.

A prisoner in your own body. Her immune response was so compromised that a cold could have killed her.”



“Brain aneurysms are nuts. My mom got in a tiny fender-bender a few years ago. The police weren’t even called because the fault was mutual and the damages weren’t serious. My mom called to check on the lady a few days later, her husband answered and told my mom that she died the day after from a brain aneurysm. I can’t remember whether the aneurysm was caused by the accident or if it was already there and the accident caused it to rupture. Either way, terrifying shit.”



Cluster Headaches.

This is it. This is the most pain a human is capable of experiencing. Women who’ve had children say childbirth is a walk in the park compared to this. Soldiers who’ve had limbs blown off would rather step on another landmine than have another episode. This is pain turned up to 11, and then snapped the knob off.

What causes it? Nobody fucking knows, of course. It can happen to anybody, at any time, for no apparent reason. Oh yeah, and there’s no treatment, you just have to sit there and scream.

It is so named because the attacks come in clusters with several happening on an almost daily basis for weeks on end, and then nothing for a while, maybe a few months, just enough to give you hope that this nightmare might be over…and then BAM! Its back, full intensity, no mercy, no hope for a cure.

Did I mention that this condition has a nickname of ‘suicide headaches?

Because it does.”


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