10 Reasons Every Healthy Couple Should Embrace Period Sex


1. Because sex > “ick” factor.

A healthy couple is a horny couple, and science shows that horniness overrides grossed-outedness. If you’ve yet to shake that silly, biblical notion that periods are gross and dirty, your body will probably shake it for you the moment you start dry-humping—like, scientifically speaking. According to a group of Dutch researchers, sexual arousal overwhelms the “natural disgust response”—in other words, when we’re turned on, we’re way more down to do things that we find repulsive in theory. Basically, your body knows better than to discriminate against period sex, so you should, too.

2. Because sex > head.

Boys of the world, this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: NO, IT IS NOT ‘OK’ TO ASK YOUR MENSTRUATING, HORNY GIRLFRIEND FOR HEAD, INSTEAD. There is nothing less attractive than a man-child with the gall to suggest he deserves a blowjob from his woman during those 3-to-7 days he deems her vagina too “unclean” for intercourse. I don’t think I can overstate how real this is—refusing period sex and asking for head is. Not. Chill. You’re essentially saying, “Um, I’m actually too repulsed by you to fuck u rn, and tbh, this whole ‘period’ thing is pretty inconvenient for me/kind of ur fault, so you owe me…now, open wide!” If you’re too big of baby to deal with a little blood, you’ll be surprised how easily I (permanently) “forget how to give head.” Oops!

3. Because shower sex!

I really don’t think your crippling fear of staining your billion-count, angel-hair, dolphin-skin, fairy-dust, “Egyptian cotton” sheets should extradite all period sex to the shower, but hey…shower sex ain’t so bad. If you’re worried about the mess (and critically unfamiliar with unorthodox uses for towels), make moves to the bathroom!

4. Because she’s hornier than usual.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, most women tend to be particularly horny right before (and during) their period. Why? When she’s menstruating, a woman’s pelvic area and genitals are literally more full (with BLOOD……sorry, yeah, I know it’s very scary and awful, let’s move on). As a result, she’s naturally more engorged, which is what happens when she’s sexually aroused. She’s horny, dude, so make her happy!

5. Because orgasm(s) help ease her pain.

…Literally. Guys: next time your woman kvetches about being stabbed in the uterus by her menstrual cramps, offer to give her some quality lovin’ to alleviate the pain…seriously! When a woman climaxes, her blood flow increases, causing her vaginal muscles to contract while her brain gets flooded with chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine—together, these processes help relieve pain. And an uncrampy woman is an uncranky woman, indeed. Win-win.

9. Because it’ll shorten her period.

…By the same process that rids her of cramps! While on her period, a woman’s orgasmic contractions help discharge blood and tissue more rapidly, helping to rid her of her flow faster.

7. Because lube is expensive.

Too broke (and dry) to enjoy properly lubricated sex? Then you must really kiss the ground periods bleed on (LOL, yes, I do crack myself up)!!! Period blood serves as a great natural lubricant—embrace it.

8. Because you’re not ready for a baby yet.

Disclaimer: you CAN get pregnant on your period. I repeat: you CAN get pregnant on your period. You can also definitely get STIs on period—unfortunately, some science suggests that you’re both at greater risk of contracting one when she’s menstruating. That said, it is, in most cases, much more difficult for a woman to become pregnant while she’s menstruating—every woman’s body is different, but if her period is pretty regular/predictable, the chances that her eggo will get preggo while she’s bleeding are far slimmer than usual.

9. Because, one day, you will be ready for a baby.

Maybe not now (and maybe not with him/her), but one day, you’ll probably want a kid. And when that day comes, your/her period will—if it’s not already—officially be your friend. Menstruation brought you into existence, and it’ll do the same for your spawn—high time we start thanking our *time of the month,* don’t you think?

10. Because it brings you closer together.

Sure, it’s a bit messy. Sure, *the conversation*—you know, “…ummm, well…I’m on period”—can be a bit awkward, especially the first time you have it. My advice? Embrace the discomfort, and allow it to bring the two of you closer together. Period or no period, sex is rarely perfect or totally pretty—weird, gross shit happens all the time, and a healthy couple doesn’t allow that shit to set them back. Put a towel down, relax, and boys, know that the ease/open mind with which you approach period sex will remind your girl that you’re mature, evolved, understanding, and unquenchably into her.