10 Reasons Going Vegan Is One Of The Best Choices You Can Make


1. You’ll never worry about gaining weight.

The days of counting calories and food guilt are over my friends; they are long gone. I am no longer plagued by obsessive food journaling and feelings of deprivation and starvation. This lifestyle allows me to eat as much as I want, whenever I want it, and without worrying about weight gain. These days my mind feels free, my body slim, and my spirit unstoppable. My productivity has sky rocketed because I am no longer weighed down with worry and self-shaming thoughts. As long as I am eating the right foods, I never feel bloated or have fat days. My self esteem has risen immensely.

2. You won’t have to exercise a lot.

Honestly, I am lazy. I would much rather read a book in the park than step foot into the gym and I sure as hell don’t want to rely on 4 or 5 workouts a week in order to keep the weight off. Depending on working out to lose weight has always just set myself up for future failure because, at least for me, spending hours in the gym is simply not a sustainable lifestyle. Now that I eat a whole food vegan diet, the weight stays off, and without the added pressure of exercising constantly. Now I can rely on activities that I actually enjoy — like yoga, hiking, and biking — to keep fit and can spend the remainder of my time relaxing, traveling, and working towards goals that I find meaningful.

3. No temptations or cravings.

I used to be addicted to sugar. Really. I would throw candy in the trash so I would stop eating it and a few minutes later, dig it out again. Eventually I had to start pouring soap and water all over my sugary snacks so that I couldn’t retrieve them from the garbage. Since eating a whole food vegan diet I NEVER deal with cravings or late night grocery store trips to buy that lemon tart that I couldn’t get off my mind while trying to fall asleep. I NEVER in a million years thought that was possible. I once ate an entire batch of cupcakes in one day. Now I just eat as much fruit as I care for and I don’t even look twice at the other junk. Pizza, burgers, and fries…not even on my radar. After eating endless portions of rice and potatoes, those greasier options now offend my taste buds.

4. You won’t care about diet trends or the media.

Diet fads and weight loss tips don’t even phase me anymore. I’ve stopped spending money on the magazines revealing the newest fat-burning food of the week and started spending that money on whole vegan foods instead. With this lifestyle, I feel confident that I will lose weight naturally and stay healthy without thinking much about it at all. Now I no longer waste time and money being tricked into thinking that some new product is going to finally give me the body of my dreams. The body of my dreams is revealing itself every day I continue to eat a whole food vegan diet.

5. You’ll have more energy.

This type of vegan diet is packed with pure energy and I can feel it coursing through my cells every day. I naturally get out of bed every morning around 6:00 AM, eager to start my day and I no longer even have the desire to take naps. I want to work, create, chat, and contribute to this existence. And shockingly, I even find myself pining to get some exercise.

6. Decreased risk of diseases.

From the evidence I’ve seen, it’s clear to me that a high meat and dairy diet can increase and in some cases cause many diseases. By contrast, this lifestyle offers me a feeling of control over my health and the fate of my body. If heart disease, diabetes, or cancer are in my future, I want to take comfort in knowing that I have tried my best to do right by my body.

7. You’ll be ridden with a lot less guilt.

I no longer feel emotional after my meals! I can have dinner without hating myself for causing animals pain, suffering, and death simply because of my eating habits.

8. The food is SO delicious.

Vegan food tastes amazing! It takes some creativity to recreate vegan versions of everyday meals and the range of ingredients one can use is wide. There are endless flavors and textures in vegan cooking and I love every bite of it. The less oil and processed food I eat, the more aware and appreciative my taste buds become of the natural flavors of whole foods.

9. You’ll be part of a community of likeminded people.

Vegans are in the minority of the dining world and they face much scrutiny from the majority. Sticking together and standing up for the cause creates community and that community is built on the passion of likeminded people. I find vegans to be compassionate and loving people who care about a cause bigger than themselves. The people within this community tend to be productive and caring, willing to fight for their beliefs, and open to welcoming others warmly into their lives.

10. You’ll get your food first on an airplane.

Ok, it’s not that big of a deal but I love how the flight attendants bring the specialty meals out before anyone else gets their regular meals. It’s like a little prize for my efforts to do what I believe is right.

Twitter image –Jacinta Moore