10 Reasons I Fell In Love With You


1. We never managed to enjoy a Valentine’s Day date or other cliché couple-y outings. Instead, I felt your hand on my knee during dinner with your parents. A comforting back scratch on the long subway ride home. Kissing you while it snowed, loving how our breath warmed each other up. Knowing you loved me before you finally said it.

2. I had butterflies in my stomach right before I saw you. Every time.

3. Your genuine kindness may have been abashed by those who didn’t return the favor, but I never stopped believing and loving your sincerity. It’s why everyone is always drawn to you.

4. We fit perfectly together, in a pretzel tangle the way the handle curves and melts so smoothly into the coffee mug.

5. You liked different TV shows and movies than I did, but we fell for the same melodies. We could blast the same gorgeous tunes in the car, though we wouldn’t always catch each other’s references to pop culture.

6. I couldn’t stop imagining what it would be like to wake up next to you every morning.

7. You believed in me. I constantly wanted to impress you, but I was always enough for you – no achievements necessary.

8. You were awful at showing up at time or answering texts. You were a free spirit, who struggled to stay in touch with others because you were always caught up in the current moment. But whenever I was with you, I truly felt like the only person you needed in the world.

9. You made love songs on the radio believable and not just clichés or fairytales. You taught me what love was, what it could be, and how deeply one could care for another.

10. You were the only one who knew how to love me.

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image – vale ♡