10 Reasons I Love Being Single In New York


Anyone who knows me knows I date. A lot. And why not? I’m a gay guy in my twenties, in the greatest fucking city in the world, and let’s face it: there are just so many sexy singles in NYC. So, I’ve come up with 10 reasons I love dating in NYC.

1. Like I said, there are so many hot single people here.

I moved to NYC a few months ago from Chicago and was like, “Whoa, why are there so many hot guys here?” I don’t know why, but there just are. From tall, dark and handsome hotties to the shorties with the booties, attractive people pervade this city. With so many bachelors/bachelorettes, why not shop around? It just makes sense. I swear, when I moved here and joined OKCupid, I probably had 10 first dates in the first month of living here. No joke

2. Everybody’s doing it.

Dating, that is. Like, if you’re not going on dates left and right, you’re weird. There’s nothing more reassuring than getting to the restaurant/bar early and telling the host/bartender/whoever that you’re waiting for a first date. They get it. I’m always five minutes early, so when I show up anxious with that first date anticipation, the bartender/host always knows what’s up. “Yeah, that dude’s def here on a first date.” In this city, everyone’s being set up and going on blind dates.

3. Set ups and blind dates always lead to a good story.

There are inevitably so many crazies here, but it makes for a great anecdote. Not too long ago, I went out with a guy my age who was married. He waited until after the second date to tell me his husband wasn’t doing it for him in the bedroom. Was I surprised? Not really. Because everyone here is a little crazy. Another guy I went out with told me he wasn’t gay but just went on dates with guys. Oh, okay, buddy. Check, please. However, you can then go tell your girlfriends about that guy who was oh so cute but off his rocker.

4. There’s always happy hour.

On any given day. At any given bar. NYC is the one place where people actually are drinking. All day. Everyday. And it’s socially acceptable. Like, yes, leave work early and go get drunk at 4 PM. You do you, honey! Happy hours make for perfect dating environments, because they’re super casual, cheap and instant icebreakers.

5. Besides checking out all those cool city bars, there are so many other fun things to do.

And why not do it with that super hot chick you just met? Take her to a café, Central Park, a street festival, local music gig, a museum. Just not Times Square, duh. But seriously, this is NYC. There are so many amazing things to check out, especially in the summertime. Grab a bottle of wine, get to Washington Square Park and meet your cutie there.

6. Dating here is an instant mood lifter.

For reals, I’ve been on dates where I’ve hit it off with the guy, and we’re walking down the street, maybe even holding hands, and we pass another duo on a date and we all smile at each other. Corny? Sure. But it’s like ESPN or something. When you pass another couple or duo on a date, and they see you on a great date, they feel you and they’ll smile at you. And then you pretend you’re all in love and you forget about your lonely nights at home when you order in Seamless and kill a bottle of wine on your own while watching Mean Girls. Or maybe that’s just me.

7. Because The Strand, the most epic bookstore in the world, hosts speed dating events for singles.

Seriously. Sign me the fuck up.

8. Which leads me to: Brooklyn hipsters.

Sure, they’ll break your heart eventually. But they’re sure as hell fun to date. I went on two dates with one who looked like Jason Segel and made stop-motion videos for a living. Heck, it was fun while it lasted.

9. It’s the most culturally diverse city in the world, and there’s something for everyone.

Let’s be real, we all have our types. Are you into that Asian persuasion? Done. Have a thing for a nice Jewish boy? Yeah, a lot of those. Cute Euro boys? DUH. They’re here, and they’re waiting to go on a date with someone just like you.

10. Because it’s fucking fabulous.

If you go on a crappy date, don’t be upset. Because I guarantee you that you’ll have another one set up by the time you’re out of work and done with your spin class. Now go get that honey, hunny!

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