10 Reasons Millennials Are Giving Up The Job Market And Creating Their Own Job Description


There is no doubt that the job market is competitive. Straight out of university wide-eyed and bushy-tailed with high hopes for a bright future, we think it’s going to look like Suddenly 30, when the reality looks more like The Devil Wears Prada.

And that’s if you are even lucky to get a break. Some people are even luckier and may score the job of their dreams, secure for the rest of their lives. But for many of us this is not the case—not even close. And for the few who are brave enough to forge their own path, the rewards are worth it.

Some complain that younger generations are selfish, entitled, or lazy, but the truth is the majority of us are simply just “over” copping it and putting up with the abuse or BS that comes with working in less-than-inspiring company cultures. And believe it or not, there are ten main reasons so many of us are flocking from the traditional work situations or typical 9-5 jobs to start businesses of our own.

1. We want more in life and know we can get it.

Mistaken for being selfish, we’ve just discovered there is more to life and that we can make it happen if we want to. We may come from a generation that believes in possibility, but we’re not naive or ready to settle.

2. We don’t want our futures being dictated by some rude dude in a suit.

We spend so much time of our lives working; why not make it worthwhile and meaningful and something we absolutely love to do where the work we do is appreciated?

3. We’re done helping build an empire for the boss who doesn’t really value his staff and only cares about profits.

It’s always a different case behind closed doors. And we always have to be careful we don’t stand out too much ensuring we ‘fit’ within the ‘box’.

4. We don’t want to wait for the day we turn up to work, only to be told our job is no longer there.

It doesn’t matter how much “security” a job provides; the truth is you could be laid off at any time, simply because a manager decides they don’t like you.

5. We crave more freedom and independence.

In some workplaces you can’t even take a piss without the manager timing you. And most of us are savvy enough to get 8 hours of work spent at the office done at home in just an hour. We’re more productive at home.

6. We’re bored and we want our ideas heard.

In large organizations it can be really hard to take an idea and make it happen. There’s so many middlemen. and It’s so painful and frustrating when we know if it were our business, we could make it happen a lot quicker.

7. We want to be paid what we’re worth.

The job market is so competitive now that there are interns that are happy to work for free. And you have to wait years before you can even demand a half-decent wage. But when you set your own price, the sky’s the limit.

8. We’re seeing more of our peers paving their own paths.

We’re finding more and more people around us going through similar journeys, either leaving corporate or their jobs of six years to pursue something of their own and proving it is successful, too.

9. We’re impatient with waiting for a break, so we’re taking the initiative ourselves.

We’re giving up the job market not because we want to be lazy on the couch, but because we’ve just discovered how we can create our own ideal job to fit around our lifestyle.

10. We know how easy it is to start a business with virtually no start-up costs.

Millennials have grown up with technology, and a lot of us know how to utilize social platforms for free to build a brand. And tap into this network for support, find the mentors we need, and outsource the skills needed to create viable lifestyle businesses.

Whether we like it or not, more millennials are leaving corporate and the workforce to pursue their own thing. Not because we are “selfish”, “lazy”, or “entitled,” but because we want to make a genuine contribution to the world we live in, we want to do well, and we’re ambitious yet realize we can have more while fulfilling our purpose and making a bigger impact. And we’re disciplined enough to work for the life we want. Just not under the terms of someone else.