10 Reasons The Best Parts About Losing Weight Are Also The Worst Parts


The following are the BEST parts about losing weight. However, oddly enough, they also are the WORST parts!

1. More people hit on you

Why it’s the best: Helps boost your confidence.
Why it’s the worst: 97% of them are people you wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.

2. Promotion at work

Why it’s the best: Now that you’re better looking, people will give you more credit for less work.
Why it’s the worst: You have more responsibility.

3. You need to eat healthily (and workout)

Why it’s the best: You feel amazing.
Why it’s the worst: You have to constantly use precious energy fighting temptation.

4. Tons of clothes look good on you

Why it’s the best: No more spending hours trying to hide your love handles.
Why it’s the worst: You can’t stop spending money on decorating your new figure.

5. You motivate your friends to get in shape

Why it’s the best: You want your friends to be happy and healthy and now you’re their inspiration.
Why it’s the worst: You don’t want them to look better then you!

6. Everyone wants to talk to you about how you did it

Why it’s the best: It makes you feel accomplished and successful.
Why it’s the worst: You have to waste a lot of time giving a lot of advice that NO ONE will ever fucking use.

7. Your significant other starts noticing the increased attention you’re getting

Why it’s the best: A little jealousy can be very healthy and empowering.
Why it’s the worst: It can cause insecurity and major arguments between you two.

8. You put more focus on your looks

Why it’s the best: You are changing and evolving into a better you.
Why it’s the worst: Now that your weight is in check, you start noticing all the other things you want to fix; a breast lift? A nose job? Maybe a little Botox? It can really mess with your head and take up a lot of your energy.

9. You can’t go out with your friends as much

Why it’s the best: You are saving a ton of money and getting way more sleep.
Why it’s the worst:
You grow distant from your friends and isolated from the world all in an attempt to avoid temptation.

10. Now that you’ve conquered your weight you can move on to your next conquest

Why it’s the best: All of that energy you spent hating your body and fighting to fix it can now be channeled into your next big venture.
Why it’s the worst: You’re scared to enter the world of the unknown (a world where you love yourself and have amazing confidence). It can really be terrifying to succeed and it’s one of the many reasons people relapse and gain the weight back.

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