10 Reasons To Date The Girl That Grew Up ‘Ugly’


1. We had to rely on our personalities.

We couldn’t make friends by standing around and looking cool or get laid by flipping our hair back. We had to rely on our kindness and our killer sense of humor. It’s why we’re so much fun to be around. We know the importance of a good personality.

2. We’re highly intelligent.

We didn’t spend much time dating, so we had plenty of time to focus on our education. That’s why we’re so intelligent. We have plenty of random facts to throw into conversations when they get boring. Plus, we don’t mind picking up the check, because we’re on our way to a high-paying career.

3. We’re used to being single.

When we were young, we were used to our friends getting all of the guys while we sat on the sidelines and watched. But being “forever alone” wasn’t a bad thing. It taught us to be independent. It taught us to take care of ourselves, because we knew a boy wouldn’t always be around to help out.

4. We won’t judge you.

If you gain a little weight or sprout a few pimples, so what? As long as you’re fun to be around, we won’t care. We know that looks can fade (or blossom) at any point in time. They’re not consistent. The only consistency is how well you treat people, which is why we genuinly value personality over appearance.

5. We aren’t catty to other women.

We hated when other people judged us, just by looking at us. That’s why we never assume. It doesn’t matter if another woman is wearing pajama pants or a mini-skirt that climbs high up her thigh. We’re not going to act like we know what type of person she is. We won’t really know her, unless we talk to her.

6. We’re better off now.

Think about it. What did kids in middle school consider ugly? Braces? Glasses? Well, now all of us ‘ugly’ girls have straight teeth and eyes that can see whether or not you deserve us.

7. We genuinly appreciate compliments.

Growing up, we weren’t showered with comments about our long legs and hourglass shape. So when you call us beautiful, we’re going to be flattered. ‘Pretty’ and ‘hot’ aren’t empty words. They actually hold a lot of meaning for us, so don’t use them unless you’re serious.

8. We’re much happier now.

We’re not going to mope about how horrible our lives are, because we’re actually pretty happy. After all, our twenties have been much better than our high school days were. Now that we’re away from the pressure of looking a specific way, we’re happy. And happy people are the best people to be around.

9. We actually put effort into our appearance.

You can’t call us lazy. We’ve worked hard to get where we are today. If we didn’t like our hair color, we made enough money to dye it. If we didn’t like our face shape, we worked hard to learn how to contour. We always put in effort to look our best.

10. We’ve learned to love ourselves.

The truth is, we didn’t actually grow up ugly. We just thought we were ugly. But now, we realize how beautiful we’ve always been. We went from irrationally hating the person we saw in the mirror to loving her. We did what every woman should do. We learned that we’re actually beautiful, inside and out.